Official sites

The official Led Zeppelin website. Includes an online store and official news.

The official Jimmy Page website. Includes an “On This Day” post that updates daily, an online store, and official news.

The official Robert Plant website. Featuring official news, an online store, live dates, and a tour diary.

The official John Paul Jones website. Including official news and live dates.


The official Led Zeppelin Forum. An official Led Zeppelin forum for discussing news about the band and off topic posts.

Royal Orleans. An unofficial, invite-only forum for Led Zeppelin discussion.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. An audiophile discussion forum that sometimes includes Led Zeppelin content.

Other sites

Tight But Loose. The website of Led Zeppelin magazine Tight But Loose.

Led Zeppelin Reference. A reference site that lists information on Led Zeppelin’s live shows.

The Garden Tapes. Eddie Edwards’ forensic analysis of “The Song Remains The Same,” “How The West Was Won,” “DVD,” and “The BBC Sessions.”

Collectors Music Reviews. Reviews of Led Zeppelin bootleg releases.

Argentum Astrum. A helpful resource for learning more about Led Zeppelin live shows.

Zepfan. A Led Zeppelin memorabilia collection website.

An Extra Nickel. A site about Led Zeppelin memorabilia.

Zeppelin Art. A database of Led Zeppelin bootleg covers.

Led Zeppelin By Pat. Custom-made Led Zeppelin bootleg art.

The Year of Led Zeppelin. A completed project to listen to every recorded Led Zeppelin concert in a year.

Ramble On Radio. A podcast that discusses news and features about Led Zeppelin.

The Heart of Markness. A podcast that discusses live performances by Led Zeppelin and its members.

Roger Berlin. A collection of press clippings about Led Zeppelin.

The Led Zeppelin Infrequently Murmured Trivia List. An incredibly useful collection of information on the band.

Luke The Duke. A collection of discographies, including information on counterfeit releases.

David’s Led Zeppelin Live Concert Reviews. A collection of live show reviews.

Electric Magic magazines. A collection of 21 issues of Electric Magic, a Canadian Led Zeppelin magazine that ran for three years.

Proximity. The website for the now-discontinued Proximity magazine.

“Stairway to Heaven” trial documents. A collection of 70 court documents we made public during the 2016 “Stairway to Heaven” trial.

The Tall Cool One. A website collecting information and memorabilia about Robert Plant’s solo career.

Foreign language sites

Led Zeppelin Swingin Pig Vinyl. A German website about Led Zeppelin.

Burn That Candle. A Japanese website about Led Zeppelin live shows.

Led Zeppelin Forum. A French forum about Led Zeppelin.

LedZeppelin.Ru. A Russian site for Led Zeppelin fans.

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