REPORT: Robert Plant’s cameo was cut from the new Terrence Malick movie

Robert Plant playing football (Flickr/vagueonthehow)

It had been rumoured for years that Robert Plant would make a cameo appearance in “Song to Song,” the new movie from director Terrence Malick. But the film’s credits make no mention of Plant, signalling that he has been cut from the film.

Rumours of Plant’s involvement with the project first surfaced in 2013 when actor Ryan Gosling told Indiewire that he was starring in an upcoming Terrence Malick film alongside “Fassbender, Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Val Kilmer, Patti Smith, Robert Plant, Johnny Rotten, the Black Lips, just I mean every day was unlike anything.”

But since then the film was repeatedly delayed. Gosling confirmed in a December 2016 GQ interview that Plant shot footage for the film, but he said that he wasn’t sure how the film would turn out. “We shot a lot of material,” Gosling said. “Terry’s looking for something and you’re, like, on the bench and when he calls you in the game, you hope that you put some points on the scoreboard for him. But you don’t really know.”

Pitchfork published an article on March 7 which examined the credits of “Song to Song.” No mention was made of Plant. It seems like whatever footage he filmed for the project has been cut from the final film.

There’s no appearance by Plant in the film’s trailer, either:

Perhaps the final piece of information we’re going to hear about Plant’s involvement with “Song to Song” is this snippet from a profile of Terrence Malick published by Texas Monthly:

Austin-based luminaries dropped by—either to make a cameo or just to hang. When St. Stephen’s teacher and screenwriter Conway visited the Song to Song set, he found himself blown away by Fassbender’s manic, gonzo intensity, and remarked on it to Malick. “You want to talk wild,” Malick told him, “then you should have seen Robert Plant when he was out here yesterday.”

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  1. Thank God it was cut…… Plant has been tarnished enough being associated with the Southern USA.

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