Jimmy Page was photographed visiting the site of a 1969 Led Zeppelin show in Seattle

(Facebook/The Guitar Store)

Jimmy Page visited the site of a Led Zeppelin show that took place in Seattle in 1969, according to a photograph published by a local resident.

Page was photographed on March 11 standing on what remains of The Green Lake Aqua Theater in Seattle, which was the site of a Led Zeppelin performance on May 11, 1969.

Most of the Aqua Theater has been knocked down since Led Zeppelin played there in 1969, but the photograph appears to show Page standing on the remaining part of the structure which overlooks Green Lake.

Here’s the full photograph which has been circulating on Facebook:

Seattle resident Mike Mitchell took the photograph, and he told Q13 Fox about stumbling upon Page. Mitchell said he spotted a “unique looking” man and realised it was Page. He went to approach Page, but said that another man who seemed to be a security guard shook his head.

“He was taking pictures and they were looking out over the water,” Mitchell said of Page and his girlfriend. Mitchell then took the above photograph of Page, and the bodyguard held up a single finger, which Mitchell took to mean he should only take one photo.

The official Led Zeppelin website has published several photographs from the band’s 1969 Green Lake performance.

This appears to be the remaining part of the Aqua Theater that Page visited:

(Wikimedia/Joe Mabel)

Page travelled to Seattle with his girlfriend, poet Scarlett Sabet. He was photographed at a reading she gave on March 10.

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2 Comments on "Jimmy Page was photographed visiting the site of a 1969 Led Zeppelin show in Seattle"

  1. My hero, jimmy was in Seattle few days ago, Zeppelin played here in 1975 on March 17 th and then again on the 21st, I was so fortunate to see the 21st show and I e seen pretty much all the great bands from back then and if there was one show I could go back to that would b it! U guys were the greatest, I actually wanted the show to end, only 14 then and very very long day and marathon concert if u can imagine wanting a led Zeppelin show to end, earls court is so good, basically the same show from same tour but was a little different every night cause u just let jimmy go on his solos and they were so loose and creative, Zeppelin forever!

  2. I wasn’t fortunate enough to ever see Led Z live. It’s so cruel because I’m such a huge fan. I can’t even imagine how great they would have been to listen to in concert.
    I can’t fix this mistake and I do think about it every now and again.
    Still, I appreciate what they did and the great group they were. They simply were the very best EVER.

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