PHOTOS: The Led Zeppelin Record Store Day single has arrived in stores


The 7″ vinyl single that Led Zeppelin will release on April 21 for Record Store Day has arrived in record stores.

The band is releasing a single which will feature two previously unheard mixes produced by Jimmy Page: The Sunset Sound Mix of “Rock And Roll” on the A-side and the Olympic Studios Mix of “Friends” on the B-side.

Photos posted by record stores and a Warner Music Group employee show the vinyl single:




Warner Music Group has also produced a display for stores to use:


(Facebook/Main St. Jukebox)

It’s unclear how many copies of the single are being released. Led Zeppelin’s record label Warner Music, its imprint Rhino Records, and Record Store Day all failed to respond when we asked how many copies of the single are being printed.

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11 Comments on "PHOTOS: The Led Zeppelin Record Store Day single has arrived in stores"

  1. Do they know that people don’t have record players anymore?

  2. Henry von Zeppelin | 15th April 2018 at 7:37 am | Reply

    Hallo Gerne….
    There are a lott of musiclovers outthere, who have a turntable.
    Not all in the World of today is digital….

  3. Is this only in the U.K… or can we in Cali get a copy??

  4. Can’t wait?

  5. Vinyl is BOOMING in the US. It’s actually beginning to outsell CD’s in some areas.

  6. turntables are enjoying a resurgence in popularity as the sound of vinyl is more preferable to the digital realm.

  7. Gerry there’s your answer. Everyone has their own taste. You enjoy digital. Some of us enjoy vinyl. I can’t wait to get my copy and play it on my turntable! Chill dude it’s all good!

  8. Where can I buy 1?

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