Jimmy Page called his neighbour Robbie Williams ‘idiotic’ and refused to rule out taking legal action against him

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Jimmy Page called his neighbour Robbie Williams “idiotic” and said that claims he has been sleeping in his garden are “nonsense” in an interview in which he suggested that he was open to taking legal action against the singer over Williams’ plan to build a basement under his home in West London.

Page gave an interview to ITV News in which he criticised his neighbour’s plans because of fears that the construction work would damage Page’s house.

“To save a house from being imperilled, because I know, having lived there, and I know from having experts in there that if something was to dislodge in the house and fall and break, you can’t repair it. It’s not like a regular house,” Page said.

“Under my watch, I wouldn’t want that to happen. I wouldn’t want something to go through and something to be damaged in the house in more than one place and go ‘If you’d have done that extra step, then this wouldn’t have happened.’ So, no, I’m going to take every step I necessarily have to take. Whatever that is.”

ITV News asked Page whether that could include legal action against Williams. “It will have to be whatever I have to do,” Page answered.

The interviewer asked Page about tension between him and his neighbour.

“I think what happened was that there’s been a smokescreen of nonsense and this sort of idiotic stuff of Jimmy Page is sleeping in his garden and all this sort of nonsense, which I did get an apology out of it, I must say.”

“Because, you see, he’s already done some refurbishments before so he knows all about the restrictions that were put on the building then. So he knows all about it. So whether he has respect for a grade one listed building or whether he doesn’t, I think that’s a question for him to answer.”

Page also said that he found a comment in a filing by Williams “really tasteless.”

“He did say something that was like ‘Well if Jimmy Page’s house could survive the Blitz then he can survive my schemes’ and I thought that was really tasteless,” Page said.

“But believe me, anyone else who had this house would be stuck with the same dilemma that I’m in, except they wouldn’t be able to make it a personality issue whereby let’s just talk about this one’s in music, that one’s in music. They’re at war. We won’t talk about is a grade one listed building with really fragile interiors. That’s what we won’t talk about it. We’ll talk about a load of nonsense.”

“Nobody has ever been able to say there won’t be any damage. It’s almost like ‘Well, there might be.’ Well, that’s not good enough. I’ve got to protect the building. It’s a very special building and it’s really difficult to be able to talk about it because it’s the sort of building that when people go in and they feel it, they feel the energy of it, and then when they start to see what’s employed in each rooms and the masterplan, it’s just, well, it is unique.”

Watch the full interview below:

You can read our full history of the feud between Page and Williams here.

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4 Comments on "Jimmy Page called his neighbour Robbie Williams ‘idiotic’ and refused to rule out taking legal action against him"

  1. Jimmy is spot on in his analysis,,,that his neighbor is utilizing fame “shaming” instead of addressing the facts….and unfortunately that is for the Court, I’m surprised he didnt go to the court earlier, but that is a horrific stress in and of itself

    Jimmy needs peace,,,I am really sorry to see that his recordings or current performance goals have not manifested and I hope he can find solace to refocus on those projects instead of this headache,,,he doesnt deserve this,,,he deserves peace

    Thank You jimmy for your work and energetic feed in my life!!! I was about 13 when I wrote a poem to a zep instrumental and then stood in front of the class speak-singing it with the record i brought to school…it was wayyy cool and the teacher was really really impressed she held me over to impress me to keep at it

    Thank you Maestro!!!

  2. Yep fans ought to fucking unload on Robbie Williams for the shit trouble he is and has been causing!!!

  3. Zep. Zep. Thank you auto correct. And no way to edit posts…

  4. JEFF EGGLESTON | 18th June 2018 at 9:33 pm | Reply

    I hope Robbie Smith is STOPPED damaging
    the Tower House! London should outlaw
    this stupid underground construction.
    It had damaged MANY historic homes due to
    foundation shifting and vibrations.

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