Listen to Robert Plant’s new band Saving Grace

(Facebook/Sparc Thea Tre)

Robert Plant has started a new band named Saving Grace, and is performing three support slots for Fairport Convention in the UK in February.

The band had their debut performance on January 25 at the SpArC Theatre in Shropshire.

Saving Grace includes Plant on lead vocals and harmonica, Suzi Dian on vocals, Tony Kelsey playing the mandolin, baritone and acoustic guitars, Matt Worley playing the banjo, acoustic and baritone guitars and cuatro and Oli Jefferson on percussion.

So far, three videos of the band have emerged. Watch them below:

Saving Grace played a show supporting Kiki Dee on February 11 and shows supporting Fairport Convention on February 14 and February 16. The band have their final scheduled show coming up on February 22. No future dates have been announced.

Tight But Loose magazine published an account of the band’s February 11 show, including the setlist from that night.

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3 Comments on "Listen to Robert Plant’s new band Saving Grace"

  1. I love Robert Plant. He is in his senior years and doing what he wants to do to make himself happy. Geez he’s 70.
    Yall need to give it a rest about Zeppelin. If you want to hear Zeppelin go buy the concert. Yall don’t own his life because decades ago he was in a blues rock band. Leave the man be. Robert Plant still has a

  2. Feels good, but a bit like Robert still playing out his Appalachian harmonies out with his Marches new chums. Also, painfully evident the boy still loves to rock…so why fight it Robert, you are better than anybody else at that so just rock it a bit more. Nice though !

  3. Malcolm Taylor | 1st March 2019 at 7:36 pm | Reply

    Great night in StAlbans on 22nd Feb. Can’t wait for the chance to see them again.
    Hope they are on tour soon

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