Jimmy Page has now started a planning battle with his other neighbour

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Jimmy Page has spent over three years caught up in a feud with his neighbour Robbie Williams over Williams’ plan to renovate his house and build a basement extension.

Now, The Daily Mail first reported that Page has started another planning battle, this time with his other neighbour, former Prudential chairman Sir Harvey McGrath.

On January 31, Sir Harvey applied to the local council to install four air-conditioning units in his front courtyard, repositioning a wall to allow their installation.

But Page has objected to the plans, claiming that the noise from the units will interfere with his “sound workshop.”

In a letter dated February 28, Page wrote that “for many years, as well as enjoying the building as part of my tranquil home, I have used the first floor area of the side extension to the Tower House as a sound workshop in connection with my work and interests in contemporary music.”

“I use the area to listen to and scrutinise recordings, requiring my full concentration with no distracting noise and/or vibration from other source; for meetings away from the main house, and for recorded interviews where naturally there cannot be any constant audible background noise,” Page wrote.

Page also wrote that he was concerned about vibrations caused by the air-conditioning units damaging his home. The council has yet to come to a decision on the application.

Meanwhile, Page’s feud with his other neighbour, Williams, continues. Earlier this month, Page’s spokesman told The Times newspaper that “we’re waiting for him to come round for a cup of tea. It’s disappointing. Jimmy is hoping to meet Robbie and extend the hand of friendship but he has been continually rebuffed. We are still bemused why he won’t come for a fireside chat.”

You can read our full history of the feud between Page and Williams here.

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5 Comments on "Jimmy Page has now started a planning battle with his other neighbour"

  1. LOL getting a bit silly now, as he is no longer a working artist, only one that constantly promises “next year work” . Is Jimmy aware of soundproofing? How are his air conditioners placed in relation to vibrations that his neighbor might suffer thru? The problems of the ultra rich are bizzare to say the least.

  2. from reading the greatest guitar player that ever lived horoscope,, he was born with feeling a martyr,, these dorks don’t help any,, all bankers all know criminals.. i got us bank ass right now cause they misplaced three accounts that i have records,, of,, don’t sweat the small stuff . jim.. move forward with your shoes and sno boards , most brilliant

  3. Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. I wish you would just build you a brand new, breathtakingly gorgeous, state-of-the-art castle on 100 acres of beautiful land where no one could bother you in any way. That way, you could enjoy your work and your play and whatever else you choose to do. You are absolutely adored and cherished and it’s important for you to have peace of mind. It wouldn’t be considered “losing” is any sense of the word; if you attain what you want and what you need, how could it be considered a loss?

  4. Jimmy-we need new music not more feuds!!!

  5. The guy obviously just wants to live a peaceful life in his studio with his Marshall stacks…
    I can totally understand though.

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