PHOTOS: See Jimmy Page’s guitars on display in a new museum exhibition


Jimmy Page has donated seven guitars as well as stage outfits and equipment to a new museum exhibition in New York.

The equipment shown below will all be on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll” exhibition which will open on April 8. The exhibition will then move to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in November.

Ahead of the official opening of the exhibition, some photographs have emerged of Page’s gear on show.

Jonathan Bayer kindly allowed us to embed his photographs of the exhibition below. We’ve paired them with the names of the items and links to the museum’s website, which include extra details and photographs of Page with the items.

Gibson EDS-1275 Double neck, 1971

Jimmy Page's Double Neck

Dragon suit, 1975

Jimmy Page Dragon Suit and  Gibson Double Neck Jimmy Page -Dragon Suit and Double Neck Detail on the famous Jimmy Page Dragon Suit (1975) Detail on Jimmy Page Dragon Suit Detail on Jimmy Page Dragon Suit Jimmy Page Dragon Suit Detail on Jimmy Page 1975 Dragon Suit

“Number One” Gibson Les Paul Standard, ca. 1959-60

Jimmy Page "Number One" Les Paul Jimmy Page Les Paul (SRV and Jerry Garcia Tiger in background) Jimmy Page - Number One Les Paul

“Black Beauty” Gibson Les Paul Custom (serial no. 06130), 1960

Jimmy Page 1960 Gibson "Black Beauty" Les Paul Jimmy Page- Custom Les Paul "Black Beauty" Jimmy Page Custom Les Paul - Black Beauty Jimmy Page Custom Les Paul - Black Beauty Jimmy Page Custom Les Paul - Black Beauty

Harmony Sovereign H1260, serial #9631111260, ca. 1962 and Danelectro Model 3021, 1961

Jimmy Page's Rig Jimmy Page  Harmony Sovereign H1260 Acoustic Jimmy Page - Danelectro

Rig, 1959-1970

Jimmy Page's stage gear Jimmy Page's Rig Jimmy's Rig Jimmy Page's rig Detail on Jimmy Page's Rig Jimmy Page's Rig Jimmy Page's Rig

“Dragon” Fender Telecaster (serial no. 50062), 1959

Jimmy Page 1959 Dragon Telecaster Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster

Violin bow, Floral patterned shawl with tassels, 1967 and Valco Supro 1690T Coronado, 1959

Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster

I. W. Turner Sonic Wave theremin, late 1960s andGibson Les Paul Classic, TransPerformance, 1990s

Jimmy Page Les Paul Classic TransPerformance Prototype Jimmy Page - Gibson Les Paul TransPerformance
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2 Comments on "PHOTOS: See Jimmy Page’s guitars on display in a new museum exhibition"

  1. Jimmy s playing always intrigued me glad I got to see.zeppelin when I did

  2. I saw Jimmy play while unknown in the States in 1969 twice. He played the Tele the first time ,and the ’59 Les Paul the 2nd time. Also saw him in ’73 with the big production of Led Zep in which he played most of the guitars shown.He already had some of them for a long time.They absolutely blew away Vanilla Fudge,and any other groups that were headlining at the earliest venues. Once known,they played 3 1/2 hours with no lead in band. People came from long distances to see them when they became known. Jimmy and the whole band were so good,it is hard to explain the impression they made on dazed fans.

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