Robert Plant said that he ‘loves’ Jimmy Page and wants to hug him

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Robert Plant has said in a new interview that he “loves” Jimmy Page and wants to hug him, but ruled out a Led Zeppelin reunion.

Plant told Planet Rock Magazine that “I love Jimmy Page. But we’re two people who don’t hug each other enough.”

“I know it sounds stupid,” Plant said,”but we had some amazing times together.”

Plant went on to say that “it would be wonderful to get through all the stuff as the years go by. I don’t go visiting much, but I would be very happy to spend a couple of weeks on top of the Atlas Mountains with him before the end.”

However, Plant also seemed to rule out a Led Zeppelin reunion in the same interview.

Referring to the band’s 2007 reunion, Plant said that “the idea of doing it next summer and the summer after that and so on is enough to make me break out in hives.”

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15 Comments on "Robert Plant said that he ‘loves’ Jimmy Page and wants to hug him"

  1. Mark Williams | 21st May 2019 at 6:07 pm | Reply

    Usual big tease Robert.Truth is there is very little contact or comeraderie outside of LZ business stuff.Robert’s not totally to blame for that,but mostly.

    • I kind of agree, at least with the “big tease” part. Robert, was, is and ALLways WILL BE a fucking DIVA! He tried repeatedly to get “G” to let him lead Zeppelin to which Grant would tell him:..”this is Jimmy’s BAND, GOT IT!”

  2. My only problem with Robert’s comment is that he knows without him Jimmy will never get the joy of performing live what made them both who they are. I don’t want to use the words selfish or self absorbed but Robert still gets to perform those songs night after night which whether intended or not is like dangling a carrot just of Jimmy’s reach. I have no ill will towards Robert but I also feel for Jimmy…without Robert he’s joy will always be in the past!

  3. I think Plant wise enough to realize you can’t bottle lightning TWICE. He has the hardest role as the frontman and he has simply outgrown that phase of his life. He’s knows it can never be the same.

  4. Keith Stover | 23rd May 2019 at 1:27 pm | Reply

    Disappointed to hear this. What’s with the “doing it next summer and the summer after that and so on..”? Nobody would expect another reunion to be a regular thing. In fact, they wouldn’t even have to tour! There’s no reason Robert and Jimmy and JPJ couldn’t get in a room, write some new material and blast it around the world on satellite or video, so millions upon millions of fans could die happy. Obviously Percy isn’t thinking of the fans who bought 300 million albums, though.

    • Robert has said many times he doesn’t want to be remembered as a jukebox, but yet night are night he performs LZ songs, sometimes rearranged, sometimes close to original. I love your idea about some new music and then streaming it, hey, it worked for the Beatles after they stopped touring!

  5. Keith Linwood Stover | 30th May 2019 at 6:23 pm | Reply

    Infrequently I read comments that say, “Robert Plant owes us nothing,” but I find that incredibly tone-deaf. Can you imagine Paul McCartney or Brian May being this dismissive of their fanbases? Plant complains about the music business, but continues both recording and touring, just not with Jimmy. I couldn’t believe a brand as internationally famous as “Led Zeppelin” (estimated sales of 300 million) did practically nothing for the fans for their 50th year anniversary. Planty says he loves Jimmy, but it makes me wonder if there is more to their impasse than we know.

  6. Robert & Jimmy had some sort of “falling out” during the 1995-96’ tour. Ever since then, Robert has constantly used Bonzo’s death (of which I have absolutely NO DOUBT would piss Bonzo off in the world’s worst way) or whatever lame Black Country BULLSHIT he can think of quickly to excuse ANY chance of a Zeppelin Reunion! What truly pissed me off is when he got Jason to “back-up” his bullshit in an interview stating Robert told him that even though Jason is a fine drummer, he still can’t get over Bonzo not being behind him! What UNMITIGATED BULLSHIT!
    Robert won’t play with the boys because Jimmy wants to! That’s IT! Robert is an ingrate that would NEVER be WHO he is WITHOUT JIMMY FUCKING PAGE FINDING HIM! THE UNGRATEFUL BITCH!

  7. Mark Williams | 9th June 2019 at 12:06 pm | Reply

    Agree with you MayQueen61(though the fallout was on the 1998 Clarkesdale period). Since then Robert has gone out of his way to ‘run down the clock’ on anything Zep-related,so much so that it’s really too late even if the will was there now on Jimmy’s side. All a huge missed opportunity unfortunately,and a waste of JP’s talent,though JPJ has managed to busy himself successfully.

  8. Irregardless of any fallout,its probably The biggest musical event in my life,The 98 Clarksdale tour,never saw Zeppelin and if a reunion had happened people wouldnt have either,I hope EVeryone realises maybe Plants voice couldnt handle a tour,Pages back problems,or couldnt handle playing nightly, etc…I would rather think somebody had the balls to not let their legacy be sullied for the almighty dollar and sticking to their guns in the thought of letting the 1970s stay where they are.

  9. It can be shared a number of ways.
    If you listen to the lyrics of For Your Life and Carouselambra (even though its hard to hear the lyrics past Jonesy’s keyboard), one could say that Plant is speaking his frustrations toward Page. On another note, years ago, Page wasn’t there for him when his young son sadly passed away. On another side of it, even though Page is truly one of the best guitarists alive, he is a control freak (no surprise here); and maybe Plant is tired of that. But your right about Plant in that he has his own ego (always has). He (Plant) was the only one against additional concerts after the 02 reunion (Page, Jones, and Jason Bonham were on board).

  10. Don’t forget that Plant sold his rights to Zep royalties back in the 80’S. Doesn’t that mean he doesn’t get paid from Zep performances. Does anyone know for sure?

  11. Francis Hughes | 2nd February 2022 at 7:23 pm | Reply

    Robert PLant always wanted to be in charge of the band, but it was Jimmy,s band, & he had to accept that, but when his son Karac died, Jimmy did not go to the funeral, & that really, really hurt him, so i think that deep down he has always held the grudge that “Jimmy needs me, more than i need Jimmy, to get Zeppelin going again”, hence Jimmy working with Coverdale to produce a weak imitation of Zepellin, not only that, but you can’t have Zepellin without Bonham, its just impossible, & they all knew that, Robert probably more than anyone. I am happy that i lived in a time when they were around, & we should all just be grateful. Zeppelin were a once in a million combination of 4 amazing, brilliant, awesome, extremely talented, fantastic, master musicians, who came together, because the stars were aligigned, & we should just leave it at that.

  12. If you read Paul Rees excellent biography of Plant, you will learn that Robert DIDN’T WANT the “circus” that was Led Zeppelin anywhere near the funeral for his son…they wanted to grieve as a family PRIVATELY, without the paparazzi invading. That family included his best friend, John Bonham–not Page of JPJ.

    And yet since 1977 I’ve constantly heard people blame Jimmy Page for not attending…

  13. Poor Jimmy. It is very sad if Keith Stover’s statement is true. At the time, Jimmy was severely struggling with drug addiction. Rob was brilliant in the LZ days but his voice as deteriorated since undertaking blue grass music. However, Jimmy’s guitar skills are just as fresh. I think he should hook up with Jason Bonzo, JPJ and blues guy Paul Rodgerd. They would make great sounds. Sod Plant

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