Fans have accused the new 1971 soundboard release of being a fake

Last week, we reported that Japanese bootleg label Wendy had released a new soundboard snippet of Led Zeppelin’s September 4, 1971 performance in Toronto, Canada.

The label claimed that it had unearthed four new songs in a soundboard recording, but Led Zeppelin fans who have heard the new bootleg release claim that there isn’t a new soundboard snippet at all.

Led Zeppelin author Andy Adams posted on Facebook that the four new tracks are actually from Led Zeppelin’s April 1, 1971 performance in London which was recorded for the BBC.

Read Adams’ Facebook from earlier this week below:

Good morning Zepheads! This morning I’m the bringer of bad tidings. I’ve just been sent a flac file of the 1st disc of the Toronto 4-9-71 ‘wendy’ release – the soundboard part. Well, the 4 ‘new’ soundboard tracks are – disgustingly – from the BBC 1-4-71 show!!?!?! Now, if this file is taken from the wendy cd ….. IT’S A FAKE…. Haven’t played it all the way but Stairway and Celebration Days ARE from the Toronto show we know and love.

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