The publication of ‘Led Zeppelin Vinyl’ has been delayed again

Led Zeppelin Vinyl

The publication of Ross Halfin’s coffee table book “Led Zeppelin Vinyl” has been pushed back again, this time to August 24.

“Led Zeppelin Vinyl: The Essential Collection” is a 216-page, 30cm by 30cm hardback book that features more than 300 illustrations of rare Led Zeppelin vinyl records, including international pressings and bootlegs. It’s available to pre-order on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here.

The book was originally due to be published on April 17 but that was delayed to July 13, then to August 10.

A promotional email sent by the book’s publisher, Reel Art Press, on July 1 listed a revised publication date of August 24. That date is yet to be included on the book’s online listings, however.

The book’s publisher has also posted a video featuring Halfin talking about his love of Led Zeppelin and the book.

The fresh delay to the publication of “Led Zeppelin Vinyl” comes as two other upcoming Led Zeppelin books appear to be delayed in the UK.

“Beast: John Bonham and the Rise of Led Zeppelin,” an upcoming biography of John Bonham, had been due to be published on September 7 but the book’s Amazon UK listing now lists a September 30 publication date. The Amazon US listing for the book retains the original September 7 publication date.

A similar issue is taking place with Bob Spitz’s upcoming Led Zeppelin biography, titled “Led Zeppelin: The Biography.” The book is due to be published on November 9 but the Amazon UK listing for the book says it will be published on November 11.

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  1. I like thier box sets led zep 3 at raz records.they sound evan better then the mushrooms in the hieghts bonzo conjured up.

  2. Should Robert Plant sing that confounded song again?

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