Robert Plant performed ‘Stairway To Heaven’ solo for the first time

Robert Plant performing with Andy Taylor

Robert Plant performed “Stairway To Heaven” at a charity concert in the UK on October 21, the first time he has performed the song solo and the first time he performed the song since the Led Zeppelin reunion performance on December 10, 2007.

Plant performed as part of a one-off band set up for The Concert Platform, a cancer awareness fundraising event set up by Duran Duran member Andy Taylor.

The band performed at Soho Farmhouse in the UK, and a clip of the performance posted to YouTube shows Plant singing “Stairway To Heaven”:

A copy of the concert livestream posted to Facebook shows the full show, including Plant’s section from 43:15 onwards:

Other songs performed by Plant during the concert include “Black Dog,” “Thank You” and “Season Of The Witch”.

Band members who performed alongside Plant at the event included Taylor, Rod Stewart’s drummer David Palmer, bass player Guy Pratt, former Reef guitarist Kenwyn House, Taylor’s son Andy J Taylor, singer Anne Rani and Dino Jelusick.

Plant donated a RIAA 23X Platinum award for Led Zeppelin’s fourth album to a charity fundraising auction that was held on the evening, according to the auction’s website.
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  1. David Harrington | 23rd October 2023 at 11:21 pm | Reply

    Love them. Have been a fan since the sixties. Robert is truly a unique artist, he has continually produced fantastic arrangements of their classic songs and has done every one with flair, class and respect for his Band Mates. Thank you so very much.

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