Robert Plant is working on a ‘reimagined version’ of a ‘classic Led Zeppelin song’

Robert Plant April 2024
(Facebook/Antonella Gambotto-Burke)

Robert Plant is working on a “reimagined version” of a “classic Led Zeppelin song”, according to since-deleted social media posts from people working on the project.

Plant recently spent a day at the Magic Garden Recording Studio in Wolverhampton, where he worked on a Led Zeppelin song. That’s according to singer and writer Antonella Gambotto-Burke.

“While the project is currently top secret, it involves a Led Zeppelin song,” she told LedZepNews. “Spending time with Robert has been such a privilege,” she added. “The thing that surprised me most was the intense magic he brings with him. It literally fills the room. Spiritually speaking, he’s a giant, and the music is, of course, untouchable. I’m still flying!”

The session took place with producer Gavin Monaghan, a multi-platinum two-times BMA Producer of the Year whose music has been featured in productions including “Austin Powers”, “Gangs of London” and “Peaky Blinders”.

Deleted social media posts about the session mentioned Wolves Records, a recording label launched in 2021 by Wolverhampton Wanderers, the club where Plant has been a vice president since 2009.

Based on what has been mentioned publicly about this project, LedZepNews guessed Plant may have re-recorded a Led Zeppelin song to include on an album due to be released by Wolves Records to help promote the emerging artists signed to the label. A source with knowledge of the project says this isn’t accurate, however, and denied the project is connected to Wolves Records.

“An absolute honour to work on reimagined versions of classic Led Zeppelin songs with Robert Plant for Wolves at Magic Garden Recording Studio,” engineer Liam Radburn wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post on April 25.

Also writing on Instagram before deleting his photo, Monaghan posted: “Absolute pleasure to be working with Robert Plant and Wolves Records at Magic Garden Recording Studio again. And the thrill of a lifetime to be reimagining some classic cuts from Led Zeppelin.”

In a deleted Facebook post published on April 25, Gambotto-Burke wrote: “In keeping with the rollercoaster that is 2024: hanging out for the day with Robert Plant in the studio. Robert specifically asked to work with Magic Garden Recording Studio, making the brilliant Gavin one of a handful of living producers who has had the honour of working on a Led Zeppelin track. He is, hands down, the most grounded rock star I’ve ever met, even in my NME days. Also sharp af and very, very funny. The inexpert photography – sorry, Liam – does not do this luminous man justice. Further coverage to come.”

Monaghan and Gambotto-Burke produce music together as Mama ft. Antonella. They just finished mixing their first, unreleased and unsigned album.

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  1. Roy JOHN Watson | 26th April 2024 at 9:17 am | Reply

    over the years plant as done some obscured versions of zeppelin songs in is live shows not looking forward to this

  2. This sounds incredible Zeppelin forever

  3. i think the song he’s working on is called “Song doesn’t remains the same’….lighten up everyone,Robert Plant will always be the original Crusader Rabbit,a true legend of music.

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