A rare Robert Plant song has been released on vinyl

Winter in The Blood

A Robert Plant rarity has officially been released on vinyl for the first time. Plant’s song “Nothing Takes The Place Of You”, which he recorded as a duet with Patty Griffin for the soundtrack to the film “Winter In The Blood”, was released on limited edition vinyl on May 3.

The song appeared in the 2013 film and Plant included it on his 2020 CD compilation album Digging Deep: Subterranea but this is the first time the song has been available on vinyl.

According to the filmmakers in a Facebook post, the vinyl pressing of the film’s soundtrack is limited to 500 copies and is pressed on 180 gram white vinyl. The album is available to purchase from Spaceflight Records.

A second, previously unheard, version of the song is included on the soundtrack. A track listing for the album on Proper Music lists “Nothing Takes The Place Of You (harmonies)” as appearing on the second record in the two-record package. LedZepNews contacted Spaceflight Records on May 4 and they confirmed Plant also appears on that track.

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  1. Iam not particularly fond of Alison krauss’s voice and I don’t like her singing with Robert Plant. I prefer him solo or with his band

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