The next Led Zeppelin bootleg release is March 21, 1975


The next Led Zeppelin bootleg to be released will be a soundboard recording of Led Zeppelin performing in Seattle on March 21, 1975.

Japanese bootleg label Empress Valley announced that it will be releasing the show under the title “Deus Ex Machina.”

The March 21, 1975 show has long been considered a particularly strong Led Zeppelin show, with Ronnie Fritz labelling it a “must hear” show in his Year of Led Zeppelin project.

The bootleg is rumoured to be released in May, but one track (“Heartbreaker”) has already been released on a one-disc promotional release titled “Viva La Revolution.”

There are currently no available photographs of the bootleg cover, but a record shop in Japan has made this fetching poster to promote the upcoming release:

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