Violinist Nigel Kennedy may be working on Robert Plant’s new album


Violinist Nigel Kennedy has hinted that he is working with Robert Plant. He reportedly said on stage in Birmingham last night that he has been working with “a Wolves fan, a yam-yam,” an obvious reference to Robert Plant, before performing a cover of “Kashmir.”

Plant is scheduled to perform two songs with Kennedy at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Tuesday night. So what could the pair be working on? Well, we already know that Plant invited singer and musician Seth Lakeman to play the viola on his new album. Maybe Kennedy was offered a similar opportunity.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise — Kennedy previously appeared on Plant’s 1993 album “Fate Of Nations.”

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  1. I dont doubt the strings will add sweet texture and Roberts ideas for his up coming album has a desired direction. I am looking forward to the release.

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