Here’s everything we know about Robert Plant’s new album

“Any time now.” That’s the message that has been displayed on the front page of Robert Plant’s website since around 7 pm UK time on April 11.

What’s Plant hinting at? Well, it’s almost certainly the release of his new album. We took a look back through the LedZepNews archives to dig out all the information we have on what Plant is preparing to release.

Plant announced the album at the end of 2015

Plant reportedly said on stage in New York on September 18, 2015 that “we’ll go make another record and then we’ll come see you guys even more.”

Work on the new album started around early 2016

The first mention of work on Plant’s new album came in a statement he released on January 11, 2016 for the announcement of his “Blues…Roots and Hollers (A Southern Journey)” tour. “Having just begun work on our new album, we thought we’d take time out to raise a little sand and welcome springtime with one more adventure, another celebration of life and song,” the statement said.

Plant is keeping the same band for his new album

We already know that Plant’s new album is being recorded with The Sensational Space Shifters, the band that Plant recorded his previous album with.

Drummer Dave Smith has been posting photos from inside the studio, and Plant played on stage with Justin Adams and John Baggot during his appearance with Nigel Kennedy at the Royal Albert Hall on March 14.

Three band members we haven’t heard from in a while are Skin Tyson, Juldeh Camara, and Billy Fuller. However, we still believe that the original lineup will be playing on Plant’s new album.

The album was partly recorded in Wales

Drummer Dave Smith has an active Instagram account where he has posted some interesting photos of the band at work on Plant’s new album.

This photo, posted on September 21, 2016, showed Smith’s drum setup for a recording session for Plant’s new album. The photo’s location was the Welsh village of Llanuwchllyn.

This photo is interesting because Skin Tyson lives near Llanuwchllyn. Two of his children are in a local band named Y Storm which supported Plant on a live date. The linked article about the band includes a photo and a video seemingly taken in the same studio that Plant recorded his new album in.

It was also recorded at Peter Gabriel’s studio

Another known place that Plant has been recording his album is Real World Studios in England. It’s the recording studio founded by former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel.

This photo posted by Smith on February 12, 2017, was tagged as being taken at Real World Studios. Guitarist Justin Adams can be seen in the background.

The photo above was posted on the “Side Trips” section of Plant’s website and included the date May 24, 2016.

Plant may have finished the album in New York

Plant was spotted in New York on April 3 close to Electric Lady Studios, a recording studio that Plant previously used towards the end of recording his 2014 album “Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar.”

Plant was photographed on the Heathrow Express train to Heathrow Airport on April 2. He reportedly told author Kathryn Aalto that he was on his way to New York to sign a new record deal. However, Aalto later deleted her tweet on Plant’s comments.

English musician Seth Lakeman is featured on the album

Musician Seth Lakeman said in an interview with The York Press that he plays viola on Plant’s new album. “I’m working on something with Robert Plant at Real World studios, going through some stuff with him for his Strange Sensation band project,” Lakeman reportedly said. “This’ll be the first time I’ll have worked with him and I’m a massive fan. It’s an album project – I’ll be playing viola – but I wouldn’t say no to playing live with him.”

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  1. Cool stuff~good newZ~*

  2. Bring it on…

  3. Estoy ansiosa esperando el album!!!!!!!! Yo amo a Robert!!!!!!!!!

  4. This time Robert release all his solo albums In Vinyl again

  5. Please let the new album be a bit more rock oriented this time. Please please.

  6. I am beginning to wonder a bit about the new material. I just have a funny feeling that Robert may be going down a “Rabbit Hole” again – direction wise. I don’t know why. But I am sensing a lack of details means a lack of promise. Time will tell.
    But the melodrama is a bit silly. Book reviews? Who has time for this stuff. Get your boots on Robert.

  7. Heard a “leaked ” song from new album on the dark net.
    More of the same. Semi depressive, bass heavy, trance stuff. Again. Disappointed.

  8. Justin Adams just mentioned in a comment on facebook (see comment section in his post from July 7th about his own newly released album) that he will not do any gigs with this album, “as I’m back with Robert Plant soon”.

  9. Tonna Miller | 30th June 2019 at 4:29 pm | Reply

    Love me some Robert Plant Pointy Boots and the music . He is the best And I can not wait to see him in Sept! Here in Kentucky!

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