John Paul Jones performed in Helsinki as part of his new musical project

John Paul Jones played his debut show with his latest musical project, Tres Coyotes, on Wednesday night in Helsinki, Finland. Tres Coyotes is an improvisational musical group with cellist Anssi Karttunen and composer Magnus Lindberg.
Jones and the other members of the group gave a press conference on Tuesday where they talked to the media about the project. That press conference was covered in Finnish publications Helsingin Sanomat and Ilta-Sanomien. Here’s the full Helsingin Sanomat article, which we read using Google Translate and spotted that John Paul Jones said he has now finished work on his opera. One fan interviewed Jones on that day and wrote online about Jones completing his set of Led Zeppelin autographs.

We haven’t seen any video or audio of the Tres Coyotes performance, but here’s a review in Helsingin Sanomat and a Finnish fan’s blog post about the show. This post from Tight But Loose says Jones played bass, mandolin, and grand piano during the show. Jones stayed after the performance to autograph items for fans and pose for photos.

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