The 10 most interesting photos in the ‘Side Trips’ section of Robert Plant’s website

There’s a little-known section of Robert Plant’s website which is regularly updated with photos taken by Plant, as well as images and memes that he finds funny.

We dug through “Side Trips” to find the 10 most interesting images.

All photographs below are property of Robert Plant. See the full “Side Trips” slideshow on his website here.

An autographed court sketch from the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ trial

Plant posted this photo of a courtroom sketch from when he and Page testified during the copyright trial over “Stairway To Heaven” in 2016. The sketch appears to have been autographed by Plant and Page.

A Led Zeppelin bootleg CD

Plant presumably liked the cover art of this Led Zeppelin bootleg CD he stumbled upon in Rockaway Records, a record store in Los Angeles. In case you’re interested, the CD is “Hotter Than The Hindenburg,” a soundboard recording of Led Zeppelin’s June 30, 1980 show in Frankfurt, Germany.

A Donald Trump piñata

Plant doesn’t appear to be a fan of President Trump, judging by this photo he uploaded of a piñata in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This meme

Wise words.

A photo from inside the recording studio

This photo, dated May 24, 2016, shows the inside of a recording studio, presumably being used to record Plant’s new album.

A birthday cake for Logan Plant’s brewery

Plant’s son Logan Plant runs Beavertown Brewery, and in 2016 it celebrated its fourth birthday.

A behind the scenes photo from ‘Stella’

In February 2016, Plant performed on an episode of Welsh comedy show “Stella.” He played “Please Give Me Something” with Darrel Higham and his band. Watch the cameo here.

Plant’s feather symbol on what looks like a cowboy boot

It looks like Plant has a pair of cowboy boots with his feather symbol from Led Zeppelin’s fourth album on them.

A photo of Led Zeppelin taken around the 2007 reunion

Here’s a reflection of a photo of Jones, Plant, and Page taken around the time of the band’s 2007 reunion. Both Plant and Jones are visible, but Page isn’t in shot. View the full photo here.

Another meme

It looks like Plant likes memes.

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4 Comments on "The 10 most interesting photos in the ‘Side Trips’ section of Robert Plant’s website"

  1. Thank you :)))

  2. The producer of History Channels hit show”…”VIKINGS” needs to cast Plant for a Cameo… He’d ne FRICKIN PERFECT.!! Hear that Percy….Do It

  3. He was offered a spot twice and turned it down.

  4. Michelle Hambrick | 23rd August 2022 at 2:50 am | Reply

    I love memes too and these cowboy boots are so neet.. I love Robert Plant *s humor..he makes me favorite musician in my heart ❤️.

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