Robert Plant said he wants his musical archives released after his death

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Robert Plant has told his children to release his musical archives after his death for free, he said in the latest episode of his “Digging Deep” podcast.

In the first episode of the fourth season of Plant’s podcast, he told host Matt Everitt that he has been sorting through his unreleased music during lockdown.

“I started putting my house in order. So many people have done that,” he said. “All the adventures that I’ve ever had with music and tours, album releases, projects that didn’t actually get finished or whatever it is. Just itemised them all and put everything into some semblance of order.”

“I completely changed the setup,” he continued. “[I] told the kids that when I kick the bucket, open it to the public free of charge just to see how many silly things there were down the line from 1966 to now. It’s a journey.”

During the episode, Plant discussed some of the unreleased music in his archive. “I found so many other projects that I hadn’t quite finished. I found some amazing cassettes. I got my cassette world back in shape. So I’ve got a really good cassette player, renovated everything, tidied a lot of the cassettes. So if you ever want to hear Robert Plant singing with Buggles … it’s Bruce Woolley and Robert Plant singing something about the city which ended up with Grace Jones.”

“I found these things and I would play them back and some of them are incredible,” Plant continued. “I did some stuff with a guy called Robert Crash who was a German guy who was in New York, he had a group called the Psychotic Tanks. He worked a lot with Dave Stewart up at Eurythmics studio.”

“I did some stuff with him round the corner from here in Paddington or somewhere, in his room. It’s insanely brilliant because it’s like 1984, huge Oberheim computers belching out this huge bottom end with this mad German dressed in a plastic mackintosh tied at the waist, with spats, doing this weave round the room playing a Stratocaster. And it’s just great. It really is the other side of David Byrne.”

“I don’t care what happens to it,” Plant said of his archive, “it’s great to hear it again.”

You can hear the full episode here:

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  1. Zep is the best! I got to see them twice in Madison Square Garden, still have the original shirt.
    One of my many favorites:”Black Mountain Side”
    “Misty Mountain Hop”: I can go on and on!!!
    Michael D’Antonio
    Brooklyn, NY

  2. “Ramble On”
    It is amazing that they use “Lord of the Rings”
    in there music often.
    Last for now: I have to say “Led Zeppelin”3
    is amazing!
    Thanks, Michael

  3. My eyes are teary after I saw the tile “ Robert Plant said he wants his musical archives released after his death”. I don’t know why, but it’s kind of painful for me to face the situation like “the day when music died”.

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