New details have emerged about Robert Plant’s new album with Alison Krauss


New details have emerged about the upcoming album that Robert Plant has made with Alison Krauss, the sequel to their Grammy award-winning 2007 album Raising Sand.

Greg Leisz, a musician who played on Raising Sand, told a recent episode of the Everyone Loves Guitar podcast that he has heard a song from the upcoming album.

“I actually just recently heard a song from the upcoming record, he’s doing another record with Alison Krauss and I heard a track from it the other day,” he said. “Incredible.”

One track from the new album is called “Searching For My Baby,” Leisz told the podcast before singing part of the song: “Searching, searching for my baby,” he sang. “When you hear that, it’s going to blow your mind. It’s fantastic.”

It sounds like the song may be a cover of “Searching For My Love,” a 1966 song by Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces which features the same lyrics that Leisz sang.

You can listen to the podcast episode below. The discussion of Robert Plant’s new album takes place at the 1:01:42 mark:

Further details about the upcoming Plant and Krauss album emerged last year when American singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams told Uncut Magazine that she had sung in a recording session in Nashville for the new album.

Uncut Magazine reported in its May 2020 issue that Williams had recently returned from a recording session with Plant, Krauss and T Bone Burnett for the new album.

“Williams sang on a Pops Staples cover and, still smitten with the song, at one point even belts out its gospel refrain to test the acoustics in her new home,” the magazine wrote.

Asked about Williams’ comments in a July BBC radio interview, Plant joked: “She’s a little tinker, that Lucinda. In fact, that sounds like a lyric already! Well, there’s all sorts of stuff rumbling and smoking left, right and centre right now.”

Plant was photographed at Nashville International Airport with Tony Iommi back in December 2019.

Plant has repeatedly dropped hints that he and Krauss would release a follow up to Raising Sand.

In October 2017, he told Associated Press that he was compiling a list of songs to record with Krauss.

In January 2018, he told WFPK that he had been talking to Krauss about a follow-up album.

And in an interview published in Classic Rock Magazine in November 2019, he said he was “sure” that he and Krauss would record another album.

The last music released by the pair is “Light of Christmas Day,” a song released in 2015 for the soundtrack to the film “Love the Coopers.”

Plant is also working on a new Band Of Joy album, currently known as “Band of Joy Volume 2.”

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  1. “Searching for my baby,” I’d recognize that lyric anywhere: “The Nazz are Blue” by The Yardbirds, of course! Hahaha. Best of luck to Robert on his ventures!

  2. Want to know when it comes out and if you will be having a concert I’m Chicago

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