The first half of Robert Plant’s Saving Grace UK tour has been cancelled

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The first half of Robert Plant’s upcoming UK tour with Saving Grace in June, July and August has been cancelled after the UK delayed a plan to lift remaining coronavirus restrictions at the end of June.

Plant had been due to go on the road with Saving Grace from June 22 until August 2 but many of the early shows have been cancelled or postponed.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, announced on Monday that a planned June 21 date for lifting restrictions in the country had been delayed to July 19, placing many shows in doubt.

Four Saving Grace shows have been cancelled and two dates have been rescheduled, LedZepNews has learned.

Saving Grace had been due to start the tour in Tenbury Wells on June 22. The show was deleted from the band’s tour schedule shortly after it was published, however, and the venue previously said it was waiting to learn whether coronavirus restrictions in the UK would lift as planned on June 21.

The venue confirmed on Monday that the show was cancelled because of the delay to lifting restrictions in the UK. “We hope to find an alternative date if we can and I will let you know as soon as we know more,” the venue wrote on its Facebook page.

The band’s June 24 performance in Exmouth has also been cancelled, according to the venue’s Facebook page.

Plant had to “cancel his sold out show because of the social distancing requirements, and can’t reschedule as he has to be back in the USA for remaining 2021/22 commitments,” the venue wrote. It’s unclear what upcoming commitments Plant has in the US, but this could be connected to his upcoming new album with Alison Krauss or his second Band Of Joy album that is also on the way. It could also be a separate Saving Grace US tour.

Despite the venue confirming that the June 24 show is cancelled and not being rescheduled, it’s still listed on Plant’s official website as going ahead.

LedZepNews has also learned that Saving Grace’s June 25 show in Poole has been cancelled and won’t be rescheduled. An official announcement of the cancellation is due to be made later this week. It’s currently listed on Plant’s official website as going ahead.

Saving Grace’s performance at the Black Deer Festival in Kent on June 27 has also been cancelled, along with the entire festival, according to its website. Organisers are now planning a 2022 festival instead, and Plant’s official website lists this date as “postponed.

LedZepNews has also confirmed that Saving Grace’s June 29 show in Shrewsbury has been cancelled, although the venue was unclear on whether it might be rescheduled. Again, Plant’s website still lists this show as going ahead.

The July 16 show in Bexhill has been rescheduled to July 20, according to the venue’s website, but remains listed on Plant’s website with the old date.

The cancellation of multiple Saving Grace tour dates follows a similar issue the band had last year when a planned US tour collapsed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s our breakdown of Saving Grace tour dates:

  • June 22 – Tenbury Wells (cancelled)
  • June 24 – Exmouth (cancelled)
  • June 25 – Poole (cancelled)
  • June 27 – Black Deer festival in Kent (postponed to 2022)
  • June 29 – Shrewsbury (cancelled)
  • July 16 – Bexhill (rescheduled to July 20)
  • July 19 – Worthing
  • July 22 – Malvern
  • July 26 – Dudley
  • July 29 – Buxton
  • July 31 – Underneath the Stars festival in Barnsley
  • August 2 – Birmingham
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13 Comments on "The first half of Robert Plant’s Saving Grace UK tour has been cancelled"

  1. Good hopefully this will give him little time to schedule a reunion tour for Led Zeppelin in the United States. LOL

  2. Has Jimmy Page Decided To Do A Studio Project with PJ Harvey?

  3. Those old rockers like Robert plant should listen to Jack whites seven nation army lyrics a little closer for hidden messages about vocalists that sing too much.i quit too because I didn’t like the prospect of spitting up my vocal cords into the toilet.i smoke heavy I think every rock God vocalist should end thier careers by doing a cover of 7 Nation army.instead of ending up like my paperboy boss in 75.

  4. I think roberts sang enough .put him on drums for the rest of his music career.

  5. I am from Utah USA, my name is Sara Archuletta, I love Robert Plant in any band he’s in. I’ve loved him since I was 14 yrs old and always thought one day he would find me and marry me. I saw him in salt lake city UT, about 7 yrs ago, and I don’t think he’ll ever return to Utah, the people here suck, they all had their phones out trying to film the show, it was a small venue, and Plantsaid to everyone,” people put your phones way, this is classics rock ,and roll”, they didn’t listen to him, never the less he put on one hell of a show, I was so close to him I could see his finger nails, what a handsome man he is he always takes my breath away, I wonder will I ever see him again.i hope so.

  6. Sandy Bressler-Piedra | 17th June 2021 at 7:33 am | Reply

    Indio California is open…come here!

  7. I am Daniel bowden and I love the band and I think they are the very best band I have ever heard in my hole life and I will always love LED zeppelin and I want to say that you are the best of the best band I know of in the world and I love you too the moon and back my very best band in the world from Daniel bowden peace and God bless you all

  8. Hi! I wanted to see him in Chicago but missed my chance….twice I was in an accident and had to use a Walker a now deceased friend of mine wouldn’t take me to the show and I had to go with him to see his friends..I missed that show,…then another year he returned I was supposed to get a ticket from another friend but his other friends wouldn’t give it to me and I ended up sitting outside the venue, until a girlfriend sent me a video I watched it on my phone….it was a video of Robert onstage and he’s doing an encore….sorry I couldn’t even see him though the fence it was covered in material but I heard him sing….next time I’ll come early but there won’t be a next time

  9. Diana McFadden | 17th June 2021 at 10:10 pm | Reply

    I am glad Robert Plant continues to sing. His voice sounds good as ever. Glad he quit smoking those many years ago per articles I’ve read. I love his music, attitude and positive presence. Carry on Robert!

  10. I love you Robert, please take just one more picture with me!!!!!😍

  11. Covid is the fate of nations!

  12. Nadia Jasmine Baki | 18th June 2021 at 3:13 pm | Reply

    Robert is such a legend

  13. So no dates in Scotland despite the cancelled dates in 2020 in Inverness and elsewhere. Great once more to see England being prioritised not only by BoJo. Show some reciprocity to those who lost bookings, travel and accommodation, please.

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