Robert Plant said he’s ‘sure’ that he and Alison Krauss will make another album together

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Robert Plant has said in a new interview that he’s certain he will make another album with American singer Alison Krauss.

Plant told Classic Rock Magazine in its latest issue that he’s “sure” that he and Krauss will work together again.

When asked if there will be a follow-up to the 2007 album Raising Sand, Plant said “oh, I’m sure, yeah.”

“I see Alison a lot and talk to her a lot,” Plant said, “and T Bone too. The reality is that I ran back once before, and Patty had made her American Kid record and was touring with that. And I think once you start splintering off and going different ways, and you’re a stranger in a place where people still think there’s a mirror ball rotating around your head, it’s really good to dig in with the reality of the Space Shifters. There’s no greater thing than being on stage when these guys are in full flight.”

Plant has repeatedly said that he is keen to work with Krauss again. He said in 2018 that he had been talking about recording a new album with her.

And in 2017, Plant said Krauss had contacted him asking to work together again.

He told The Associated Press that “I do get letters from her, emails, [saying] ‘I don’t like it without you,’ and I don’t like it without her. But I like it with these guys. It’s just a volcano of joy playing with these guys.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Plant discussed his unreleased solo material:

“It’s amazing how the whole idea of podcasts, as a mode of entertainment, has replaced radio in many people’s imaginations,” Plant said. “I’ve also got forty-plus tracks that I’ve never put out. I’ve got stuff that I did in New Orleans with the Li’l Band O’ Gold and Allen Toussaint. I’ve done so many things. I’ve got a whole album, Band Of Joy II, that I did with Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin. I’ve got stuff everywhere. So it might be a good way to gather some pretty powerful stuff and just eke it out there. I’ve just been tidying up my little studio here, to do some rehearsing later in the week, and found some stuff with the Space Shifters that we did at Rockfield two years ago. So it’s not just about stuff that came out through the normal channels.”

You can find out more about the new issue of Classic Rock Magazine and buy it online here.

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    I Repeat: A Work By Page & PJ Harvey Would Be The Best Response To Any Current Post-Zep Outings To Date. It Would Be A Coup For Mister Jimmy & A Legend Meets Legend For PJ Harvey!!! Sean X.

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