A mysterious tweet from David Coverdale has caused speculation – but it looks like it’s just a joke

Coverdale Page

A cryptic Twitter post from David Coverdale has kickstarted a wave of speculation that he’s preparing to announce a remastered and expanded version of his 1993 Coverdale Page album with Jimmy Page – but it looks like the speculation is misguided.

On November 11, Coverdale tweeted a photograph of himself and Page with the caption “‘Stay Tuned For Some BREAKING NEWS!!!! Any Minute NOW!!! ‘…:)”

Coverdale’s post has caused many people on Twitter and online forums to speculate that Coverdale is preparing to announce a remastered edition of Coverdale Page.

The theory makes sense: Coverdale said last year that he’s keen to remix the album, although it has also been reported that the album’s master tapes were destroyed in a fire.

However, it looks like Coverdale actually just posted the image as a lighthearted way to tease the announcement of new Christmas items in Whitesnake’s online merchandise store.

Six minutes after tweeting the image of himself and Page which said that an announcement was “Any Minute NOW,” Coverdale sent this tweet announcing the new items:

Coverdale likes to tease Whitesnake announcements by hinting that “breaking news” is on the way. Earlier this month he posted a similar tweet hinting at a big announcement:

The post was followed by an announcement of Whitesnake tour dates the next day:

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  1. Sean Andrew Heaney | 13th November 2019 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    RP & Allison Redux? TIME FOR JP/PJ To Do A Disc & Gigs!!!! Page & PJ Harvey. DO IT TO IT!

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