Robert Plant said that being in Led Zeppelin was ‘tremendous’ and ‘frustrating’

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Robert Plant has described in a new interview what it was like being in Led Zeppelin.

The singer told Uncut Magazine in its January issue that “being in a band like Led Zep was tremendous – but also quite frustrating because you were in it and it was a democracy. It worked when it worked, and it didn’t work when it didn’t work.”

Plant gave the interview to promote his new vinyl box set “Digging Deep” which includes eight 7″ vinyl singles.

Uncut Magazine reports that the box set’s release has been delayed until February.

There are currently two different release dates listed for the box set: December 13 on Robert Plant’s website and Rhino’s online store, and February 28 on Amazon UK.

You can see the first images of the box set here.

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2 Comments on "Robert Plant said that being in Led Zeppelin was ‘tremendous’ and ‘frustrating’"

  1. Sean Andrew Heaney | 15th November 2019 at 6:33 pm | Reply

    I Would Rather See Jimmy Page & PJ Harvey Collaborate On A Record. JP/PJ: Couldn’t Be A Better Combination. Mention It To His Daughter, Scarlet. She Could Photograph The Sessions, & PJ’s Friend, Gerald Murphy, Could Film A Documentary.~~~I Wish JP Would Do A BOOTLEG SERIES Like Dylan, Starting With The ’75 Earl’s Court Concert CD/DVD. “Bring It Back/Bring It Back/Bring It Back. . .” Sean X

  2. Boring,boring commentary from Robert. Fact is he was fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time when it came to LZ. Robert loves not having to deal with the politics of having real peers in a well know collective such as LZ. In SSS he gets to run the show his way (or the highway) ….. all a bit predictable really,was better when he had known musicians in his various bands like Phil Collins, Cozy Powell, Barriemore Barlow….oh,and Alison Krauss. ?

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