The master tapes of Coverdale Page may have been destroyed in a fire

Coverdale Page

The master tapes of Jimmy Page’s 1993 album with David Coverdale, “Coverdaleā€¢Page,” may have been destroyed in a 2008 fire.

The New York Times Magazine reports that Coverdale Page is one group feared to have lost master tapes in the 2008 fire at a storage facility at the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood.

The fire is believed to have destroyed many irreplaceable master tapes, the original recordings used to master and subsequently remaster albums.

Other artists reportedly affected by the fire include The Who, Chuck Berry, Slim Harpo, Patty Griffin and Joe Cocker.

Coverdale Page’s master tapes may have been stored at the facility, according to a list of affected artists seen by The New York Times Magazine.

Coverdale told Eddie Trunk last year that he was keen to remix the album for an upcoming reissue. The loss of the album’s master tapes would likely complicate plans to reissue the album.

You can read the original New York Times Magazine story about the fire here.

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  1. It’s a good record. Some good songs, but I don’t think fans are clamoring for a re-release. Plus most Page & Coverdale fans likely already have it, and 2019 fans don’t likely care. so it will fall out of sight like it has been since the 90’s.

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