John Paul Jones released a new version of his limited edition signature bass guitar

John Paul Jones announced on Friday that he has released an updated version of his signature E- Bass guitar with Manson.

The new bass guitar comes in two finishes: Vintage red sunburst and blackburst, Manson says on its website. The updated guitar is priced at £2,399.

Every signature guitar included a printed John Paul Jones signature on the headstock.

Here are the specifications for the updated John Paul Jones Signature E-Bass:

  • Mahogany Body
  • Through-Neck Construction
  • Hard Maple 3-Piece Neck With Graphite Reinforcement
  • 24 Fret Two Octave Ebony Fingerboard
  • 34-inch Scale
  • Dot Fingerboard Inlays
  • New High Gloss Vintage Red Sunburst Lacquer
  • New High Gloss Black Burst Lacquer Finish Option
  • Two-Piece Bookmatched Quilted Maple Top
  • Matching Quilted Maple Headstock Veneer
  • EMG 35 TW Dual Coil Bridge Pickup
  • EMG 35 P4 Neck Pickup
  • Hipshot Kickass Bass Bridge
  • Schaller Machine Heads
  • Hipshot D-Tuner
  • Active EMG Circuit
  • Volume, Pan, Bass/Treble
  • All Black Hardware
  • Manson Deluxe Hiscox Hardcase

Jones first released his signature bass guitar in 2010, and this is the first update to the guitar.

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  1. Frank of America | 19th December 2017 at 11:38 pm | Reply

    Egads – not a very good soundtrack to this little video – why wouldn’t the manufacturer demo the bass? Criminy.

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