PHOTOS: The Led Zeppelin-related Record Store Day 2017 releases

There were two Led Zeppelin-related vinyl records released on Record Store Day 2017: A three-track Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes 10-inch record and a single from a 1966 recording session by Beverley Martyn that featured Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

Here’s what those releases looked like:

‘Live At Jones Beach’ by Jimmy Page And The Black Crowes

This release was reported to be limited to 3,000 copies and included three tracks from Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes’ July 10, 2000 show in Jones Beach: “Misty Mountain Hop,” “Bring It On Home,” and “In The Light.” Technically only “Bring It On Home” was unreleased, as the other two tracks were released on the Japanese edition of “Live At The Greek.”


This photo shows that the release was limited to 4,000 copies, not the 3,000 that was reported ahead of Record Store Day.


The “4” in 4,000 wasn’t a typo. Here’s a copy numbered 3,969:


Here’s what the marbled black and white vinyl record looked like:



Here’s a better look at the back of the record cover:


And here’s the metallic sticker from the shrink wrap:


‘Picking Up The Sunshine’ by Beverley Martyn

We haven’t seen the actual vinyl record here, but here’s the record cover:


Here’s how it looks out of the shrink wrap:


And here’s a look at the other side of the record cover:


We transcribed the text on the back of the single below:

A handful of people have been awaiting the arrival of Beverley on the recording scene for quite some time now.

Denny Laine of the Moody Blues, who gave her her first guitar, Paul and George of the Beatles who raved about her recordings when a couple of them were whizzing back and forth across London last month in tape form, Donovan and Paul Simon who both have recently recorded songs she’s written, and Robert Shelton the music critic of the “New York Times” who has been singing her praises for over a year.

18-year-old Beverley joins the exclusive list of ace record producer, Denny Cordell, whose other two artists Georgie Fame and the Moody Blues have both had number one records.

Listen to her songs, she offers you something new, something different.

The single included “Picking Up The Sunshine” and “Me & My Gin.” It was limited to 500 copies, but the full previously unreleased album will be released in the future.

Here’s how Record Store Day described the release in its official PDF document:

In 1966 singer-songwriter BEVERLEY began recording sessions with record producer DENNY CORDELL. Cordell’s preferred studio musicians for the sessions included Jimmy Page & John Renbourn (guitars), John Paul Jones (bass), Alan White (drum), Nicky Hopkins (piano), Mike Lease (organ), and an album’s worth of material was laid down. The recordings included her own songs, some of which remained unreleased until she re-recorded them years later with her the husband John Martyn, and a choice selection of songs written by Randy Newman and Donovan alongside blues staples such as ‘Me and My Gin’ and ‘Stormy Monday Blues’.

Both her debut 45 ‘Happy New Year’ and follow-up ‘Museum’ – released In 1966 and 1967 respectively – were critically acclaimed but failed to make any impression in the charts on either side of the Atlantic. BEVERLEY went to California in April 1967 as a guest of Paul Simon and performed at the seminal MONTEREY POP FESTIVAL. On her return to England she and Cordell disagreed on the direction her music was being take and her album was shelved.

50 years later those session tapes have been located and restored, showcasing a moment in the sixties which in hindsight radiates a vivaciousness and energy which criminally evaded a wider public audience. Until now. As a taster for the forthcoming release of Beverley’s long lost album this exclusive Record Store Day release presents two previously unreleased tracks which are exclusive to this special edition. ‘Picking Up The Sunshine’ was written for Beverley by Donovan. ‘Me and My Gin’ is a blues staple with Page and Hopkins in their element. This release features special stereo mixes of take 1’s of both cuts and are exclusive to this release and won’t be included in the forthcoming album.

And if you want to hear “Picking Up The Sunshine,” here’s a snippet of the official release:

And here’s the full song sourced from an old bootleg release:

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