Jimmy Page says he’s ‘working on various paths and routes of projects’


Jimmy Page has said in a new interview that he is “working on various paths and routes of projects”.

Speaking to Classic Rock Magazine for its 300th issue, Page was asked how he has been occupying himself over the past couple of years.

“Archiving, working on various paths and routes of projects, but I’m not going to say what the projects are,” Page replied. “There’s various things I’m working towards. It’s not just one thing, it’s multiple things, and I don’t want to even give a hint, because if you do … You give a one-sentence sound bite, and then if it doesn’t materialise it’s like: ‘Why didn’t you do a solo album?’ So I don’t want to say what it is that I’ve got planned, because I don’t want to give people the chance to misinterpret it.”

Interviewer Ian Fortnam then told Page that “online forums” show fans are missing Page’s output, adding that “a new record would be a great reward for living through the past few years of madness.”

“Well, I really can’t put on record what the new record is,” Page said. “I’ll leave it to your imagination. The thing is there are so many ways I could present myself right now. Actually, not right now. I’ll rephrase that: within a space of time [laughs]. I’ve come across all these various projects I did. And one of the things I did recently is listen to a recording I made of the Marrakesh folk festival, with the tribes coming in from all over Morocco, in 1975. It’s fascinating. Tribal stuff passed on from father to son and kept alive because of the folk festivals, Essaouira, and all the rest. Where there are people who want to hear the Berbers. I certainly do, it’s good for the soul.”

The full interview with Page is available to read in the 300th issue of Classic Rock Magazine, which you can purchase through this link.

Page’s latest comments about plans for his solo career following similar remarks he gave to Uncut Magazine in its May 2022 issue.

“I have got ideas and projects in mind – several possible things I could do – but I won’t discuss them, because if you give one sentence of something that might turn into a lengthy project then people start asking when it’s coming out,” he said. “I keep my cards close to my chest with what I am doing, because I don’t want to let the fans down.”

Page has repeatedly said in recent years that he hopes to record new music and perform live. He told Planet Rock in 2014, for example, that “I’m going to be working on the guitar because I want to be seen to be playing.”

And in 2018, he told the Academy of Achievement that “I hope to be seen to be playing. So I’d better get on with it!”

Later that year, he told Sirius XM in December that he planned solo releases. “From Jimmy Page, yes, you’ll definitely be getting stuff from Jimmy Page, I can guarantee that.”

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24 Comments on "Jimmy Page says he’s ‘working on various paths and routes of projects’"

  1. Warren Warshaw | 8th April 2022 at 7:22 pm | Reply

    Seems like the boy who cried wolf at this point. The article itself points out how many times we’ve heard this before. All I can say is I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. He’s been saying this for YEARS. I’ll believe it when I see and hear it.

  3. He’s been saying this since outrider and it’s been wearing a bit thin to the point of transparency now. At his age I cant see him touring, There’s reports of him remixing the Coverdale Page stuff and maybe his bird has a new poetry album coming out. There’s always the remastering of the remastered remasters of the remastered remaster of the Zeppelin stuff. As above. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  4. I couldn’t care much either way to be honest. His previous solo stuff is pretty uninteresting and uninspiring. A bit like his girlfriends so called ‘Poetry’.

    I mean, does anyone still listen to the soundtrack to Deathwish II? No, me neither!

  5. Robert Craig Pearlman | 9th April 2022 at 8:11 am | Reply

    I’m sure we all wish that Jimmy is ready to release a batch of great music into the market, and we are going to be astounded. That would be so cool. The reality however is that Jimmy is pushing 80, and everyone has a limit of what they are able to do. You’d like to think there is a vault somewhere with hours and hours of unfinished Jimmy material, but no one knows that for sure. If Jimmy wants to create, he had the talent to do that; but lets not hold our breath.

  6. What a load of Miserable grumpy farts you guys are. When you’ve achieved what JP has in his career, then maybe you can comment. I don’t hear or see you guys knocking out classics after classics.
    You need to go onto his official site and purchase some of those albums he’s produced by other artist, absolutely fantastic material. Have an open mind and stop being so boring.

    • Warren Warshaw | 9th April 2022 at 8:50 pm | Reply

      Agreed that he’s obviously a legend & his achievements are immeasurable. The point is that he’s been promising his fans new material for years, only for them to be let down over and over again (you know the fans – the ones that MADE HIM what he is today).

    • It’s nothing to do with being grumpy and more to do with being a realist. Page without the rest of the boys is like a fish out of water. He has released nothing of any real value during his time post-Zep. He’s over the hill (and far away) 😁😁

    • As regards new stuff from Mr page we have been here many times but nothing comes out so belive it and see it comes to mind such a shame we are still waiting from such a talented musician

  7. I think Jimmy should do some folk/folk blues/folk rock/ middle eastern folk recordings with Ann Wilson of Heart. At the Kennedy Honors ceremony Heart did the best cover version of “Stairway to Heaven” I’ve ever heard. I think Ann’s vocals would be complimentary to Jimmy’s playing style.
    She would help bring out the depth of his soulful guitar playing.
    And by the way, I know some people say they are tired of Stairway to Heaven, but for me it is a still a special moment when I hear it on the radio.

  8. Birdienumnum | 9th April 2022 at 9:41 am | Reply

    Kinda sad that my Rock God has contributed so little in recent years. Such a talent wasted. Why didn’t you go back to your roots like so many others have done Jimmy. Acoustic Blues obv.

  9. More of the same from the least musically interesting and productive of the living ex-Led Zeppelin members. Jimmy Page is a has-been by the very definition of the word. The Firm? Really? The Honeydrippers? Yikes. Take it away from me.

  10. Roy JOHN Watson | 9th April 2022 at 11:42 am | Reply

    dont despair fans it will be another book about is career in led zepplin or something involing is girlfriend

  11. Between the pandemic and global wars, entertainment is never going to be a great social phenomenon ever again. So….

  12. It’s better to have Jimmy Page and no money than to have money and no Jimmy Page.

  13. Sean Andrew Heaney | 9th April 2022 at 7:03 pm | Reply

    TO: Jimmy Page RE: The Project.
    Find PJ Harvey’s Number & Get It Together!!!

  14. I guess he should be referred to as “former guitarist Jimmy Page.” For all his hints and promises for the last two decades, I’m done with his bullshit, especially as a longtime fan. I get that his synapses were obliterated by heroin in the 70s and that he hasn’t been much of a nimble/competent guitarist since, but he gave us a few gems over the years, letting us know he can still write and create. That he focuses on the past is so fucking sad and sorry.

  15. In my opinion, what Jimmy REALLY wants to do, is write, record, and tour with Led Zeppelin. They are his muse, his love. Everything else seems to be mildly interesting to him, at best. Outside of Zeppelin projects, he seems very unmotivated. The years have proven that. You can’t say that Jimmy has had a “solo career”, he really hasn’t. Short of a Zep reunion, he likes to remaster the remasters of the remastered Zep catalog. Because LED ZEPPELIN is where his heart truly is.

  16. Well you know that this man knew what he was doing ,and all said and done he was rewarded very well , and he was so that he did not know the thoughts of Robert. I love him so much , but when I hear that Black Magic crap. I really hope he learned about how his higher power helped him. He really did not know alot about business . I am just glad he is back, and his smile shows how happy the man is today. I am sure he looks back and regrets something’s as we all do. But I am thankful for his music. I give all the vision and production credits. I have more love towards Jimmy because of his talent’s . Now if it was not for him .I do not think I would love Rock and Blues as much I as I do. He made and is still making a difference with his music , all of them did. Jimmy is a special person.

  17. The only ‘new material’ Jimmy is working on is what the W.I ladies hand him at his weekly crocheting 🧶 class…Sad but true.

  18. I think with the ending of the 80s decade and the beginning of the digital age in music, he has lost connection with the creating sound manually and mechanically, just as I have lost interest in listening to today’s music. There is no soul or creative product anymore. Sad…

  19. Such a bummer.Page is the absolute best rock guitarist ever. I was ready to see Zeppelin in Chicago. November 1980. Bonham died. Just brutal. I did get to see the Firm in 1985 and 1986. He brought it big time.
    I did get to see him in October 1988 in Chicago. Dead Center front row. The highlight of my 20’s and of course millions of people want to see page and Zeppelin.
    I hope he tours. Yes we have been hearing this for years. He is getting on in age and if it Dosent happen in the next few years, it never will.

  20. Roy JOHN Watson | 3rd August 2023 at 8:51 pm | Reply

    so here we are again another whopper hes sold us i used to be a big fan of page but now ive got nothing but disdain for the bloke

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