Jimmy Page talked about possible upcoming Led Zeppelin and solo releases in a new interview

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Jimmy Page has discussed the possibility of future releases by Led Zeppelin in a new interview, and said that he will “definitely” release new solo material in 2019.

Page spoke to Sirius XM for an interview that aired on December 11.

Here’s what Page said about potential Led Zeppelin releases in the future:

“We have discussed it. And as far as what’s coming out, well I know that that’s coming out – I know the book’s out, actually. That’s the one thing that’s coming out that I know, that I can confirm.”

“That’s it?!” the host replied to Page’s comment.

“Well, for the minute. As of today. As of today, yes. I think so. I mean, as far as I know, that’s what’s there today.”

“I’ve always got things in mind and I always think of things as a sort of schedule of releases over a period of time. I’ve never been, actually, any different. And, obviously, I would have ideas of things or projects which could go ahead, but, you know, it all takes time.”

“So, at the moment, we’ve got this out, so that’s really brilliant. And who knows what may come further on down the line? I’ll leave it … I don’t know. So I can’t really say at this point.”

Hear Page talk about the possibility of upcoming Led Zeppelin releases here:

Page then spoke about the possibility of future solo releases from him after the host asked if Page would release anything new in 2019.

“Now that’s a different story,” Page said. “From Jimmy Page, yes, you’ll definitely be getting stuff from Jimmy Page, I can guarantee that.”

This clip contains his mention of upcoming Jimmy Page solo material:

This clip includes Page talking about the Led Zeppelin photo book:

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