Robert Plant spent a day working at Abbey Road Studios with Nile Rodgers


Robert Plant spent December 17 at Abbey Road Studios with Nile Rodgers.

Rodgers posted a photo of the pair on Instagram with the caption “A couple of #Honeydrippers hanging at @abbeyroadstudios – One of my favorite people in the world @robertplantofficial from @ledzeppelin a serious legend.”

An Instagram post by the official Abbey Road Studios account confirmed that the two men spent the day working together in the studio.

Plant and Rodgers previously worked together in 1984 on Plant’s “Honeydrippers” album. 

Rodgers said in an interview with The Daily Star in September that he planned to work with Plant again.

“I am going to do something with Robert Plant again,” he said. “I said to him why don’t we do the Honeydrippers Volume 3? Let’s leave out volume two and go straight to three. If it’s a success we can revisit.”

Plant and Rodgers were joined in the studio by Plant’s son Logan and Logan’s children Tallulah and Harlen.

Also present at Abbey Road Studios on December 17 was Deborah Bonham, the sister of John Bonham. It’s unclear if they were working on the same project.

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  1. Would’ve been nice if Nile was on a new Plant album. Might get some swing back in the old Wild West Wagon. Eating beans out of a can by the campfire gets a bit old…..

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