PHOTOS: Jimmy Page has been travelling around the US with his girlfriend Scarlett Sabet

(Facebook/Wellesley College English Department)

Jimmy Page has spent the last couple of weeks travelling around the US with his girlfriend Scarlett Sabet. Here’s a summary of what they’ve been up to.

April 20: Jimmy Page and Scarlett Sabet visited Jack Kerouac’s grave in Massachusetts

Page and Sabet took a trip to Edson Cemetery in Massachusetts to pay their respects at the grave of novelist and poet Jack Kerouac. Page can be seen in a video posted on Vimeo by Sabet.

(Vimeo/Scarlett Sabet)

And you can also see his shoes in this photograph tweeted by Sabet:

April 21: Scarlett Sabet gave a reading at Wellesley College in Massachusetts

Page posed for a photo at this event at Wellesley College.

(Facebook/Wellesley College English Department)

April 24: Scarlett Sabet gave a poetry reading in New York and went to see the location of CBGB

Page and Sabet attended a poetry reading in the Bowery.

Then also visited the John Varvatos shop in the Bowery, which is the former site of the CBGB punk club.

April 26: Jimmy Page went out in New York

Getty Images published photos of Page outside a hotel in New York on April 26.

April 27: Scarlett Sabet gave another poetry reading in New York

Jimmy Page was in attendance for a poetry reading that Scarlett Sabet gave at Berl’s Poetry Shop in New York on April 27. One attendee, Robert Nava, claimed on Facebook that Page told him he has been “rehearsing” and “working on some things.”

Page was spotted talking with record producer Perry Margouleff at the reading. Margouleff is rumoured to have played a key role in reuniting Page with his stolen “Black Beauty” guitar last year.

You can watch the full Facebook Live broadcast of the poetry reading here.

April 29: Jimmy Page and Scarlett Sabet visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Sabet tweeted a photo of part of the museum’s collection of artefacts from ancient Egypt, which is something that Page is known to have an interest in.

April 30: Page went out in New York with Sabet

The Daily Mail published an article including photos of Page in New York with his girlfriend (and a new hat).

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  1. Hope you come to So Cal so I can maybe meat you and get yur autograph

  2. Hope they go to South of the Border (Ga/SC border ) as it’d be hilarious for them to post Pedro Ssys photos at this landmark ?

  3. Come to Scotland sometime. Would love to meet you.

  4. Robert Nava | 7th May 2017 at 7:25 pm | Reply

    Why are you quoting me….he has said for years he is working on stuff and rehearsing!

    • Hi Robert, it’s newsworthy that he mentioned that to you, which is why we quoted you in the article. Thanks.

  5. Thank you for your music, it definitely changed my life and everyone who has listened loved your music 🎼.
    So spectacular and the way you play with your bow s blows my mind and the sound is just amazing 🤩 and joyous to hear.

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