Jimmy Page is releasing an amp which recreates the sound of Led Zeppelin


Jimmy Page announced on January 22 that he will release “Sundragon,” a limited edition amplifier which he said recreates the performance of his original Supro Coronado amp that he used during his time in Led Zeppelin.

The website for the Sundragon amp says that 50 limited edition, hand-built amps will be released in 2019. All of the limited edition amps will be signed by Page.

A standard model of the amp will be released later in 2019, the site said.

The amps are being made in conjunction with music producer Perry Margouleff and guitar amp expert Mitch Colby.

“I had been impressed with the forensic analysis both Mitch and Perry had put into the research of the sonic reproduction of the original Supro amp to arrive at the Sundragon,” Page said in a statement on the Sundragon website.


It appears that this project has been in the works for a while. Colby and Margouleff originally applied to patent the Sundragon brand for guitar amplifiers on August 25.


The photographs of Page and the amp were taken by his daughter, Scarlet Page, at Abbey Road Studios in London.


Page was photographed in the recording studio on November 18, although Margouleff later said that the two-day session was connected to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York’s “Play It Loud: Instruments Of Rock And Roll” exhibition, which is scheduled to open on April 8.

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  1. I like to hear one ..im sure I stumble across someone who has one…hopefully…looks ez to carry

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