Jimmy Page’s Abbey Road project was a video for a museum exhibit


Jimmy Page’s recent time spent in Abbey Road Studios with his seventies live rig and a music producer was for a video that will be featured in a museum exhibit next year.

Page was photographed playing a Les Paul guitar in Abbey Road Studios, and LedZepNews reported that a music producer friend of Page confirmed that the two-day session was recorded.

Now, that music producer has said that the session was for a video that will be used in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York’s upcoming exhibition of rock music instruments, stage gear and outfits.

Perry Margouleff, a music producer and friend of Page who oversaw the session, said in a Facebook post this week that the two-day session was connected to the “Play It Loud: Instruments Of Rock And Roll” exhibition which is scheduled to open on April 8, 2019.

The exhibition will feature Page’s hand-made dragon suit, but it’s not yet confirmed if any of Page’s guitar or live amplification rig will be used.

A photo posted by Page’s daughter, Scarlet Page, suggests that Page’s live rig may be part of the exhibition.

The exhibit will move to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in November 2019.

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8 Comments on "Jimmy Page’s Abbey Road project was a video for a museum exhibit"

  1. Why does it seem so sad merely seeing all this books,and videos and everything except actually PLAYING music ?
    Don’t we have enough History to look at ?

  2. Come on Mr. Jimmy Page.Time too Rock-N- Roll again.

  3. Sadly the only ‘new material’ being worked on by Jimmy these days is a bit of crocheting of a new Christmas jumper for Scarlett. ?

  4. Another snippet about Jimmy but once again it’s not about an upcoming recording. Sadly Robert is the only one left in Led Zeppelin that appears to care about music. He’s put out dozens of records since the good ol days and keeps moving forward. Poor Jimmy is stuck in the past.

    Enjoy the HISTORY!!!! Without one it’s not LED ZEPPELIN!!!!
    If Jimmy were a welder or a plumber, he’d be retired by now!!! Let him enjoy His Life!!!

  6. Fran – the problem is Jimmy basically stopped live play back in 1999/2000 (when he was 56), has only played one full show (O2 2007) since then ! So basically he retired way too early.

  7. I agree with Fran… let Jimmy enjoy his life the way he wants to. It is his choice, not ours.

    If he wants to play again that would be wonderful, but if not, then that’s OK, too. The man has given so much of himself to us already. Thank you, Jimmy… we love you!

  8. on page in the studio on everboby thinks something going to happen but as useable another let down from the retired guitarist

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