Jimmy Page has been working on a mysterious project at Abbey Road Studios

(YouTube/CBS This Morning)

Jimmy Page was photographed playing a guitar with his seventies live rig at Abbey Road Studios in London recently — and it’s unclear what it’s about.

Page’s daughter Scarlet Page published a photo to her Instagram account on November 18 which showed Page playing a black Gibson Les Paul guitar in Abbey Road Studios.

“Thursday’s shoot, a very exciting day at @abbeyroadstudios photographing the 70’s live rig with @jimmypage,” she wrote. She also included the hashtag “#theremin” and one commenter in the Royal Orleans forum pointed out a possible violin bow on the amp in the top left of the photo.

It’s unclear what the photo shoot was for, however a music producer friend of Jimmy Page claimed on Facebook that he spent two days recording with Page at Abbey Road Studios.

“I feel so lucky,” wrote producer Perry Margouleff on Facebook on November 17. “I spent two days recording in studio 2 at abbey road the room is great and the staff was fantastic.”

Margouleff posted that caption with the same photograph of Jimmy Page taken by his daughter Scarlet at Abbey Road Studios.

In the comments on the post, someone asked “Did he fire it up?” referring to Page’s guitar. “Yes we were recording,” Margouleff replied.

Jimmy Page has known Margouleff for some time, and it’s believed that Margouleff played a crucial role in reuniting Page with his stolen “Black Beauty” guitar. Margouleff accompanied Page and his girlfriend Scarlett Sabet to a Pink Floyd exhibition in London last year.

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26 Comments on "Jimmy Page has been working on a mysterious project at Abbey Road Studios"

  1. Sounds good and great news

  2. hes in the right room with the right gear and the right producer,, as long as he can pick up a pick ,, keep charging like a run away rhino

  3. Daniel L Gittelson | 20th November 2018 at 3:34 pm | Reply

    The past teaches us that Mr. Page was known to lay down lead tracks with no one elae in the studio, taking the best out of three leads for the wrap. However he is going to do it this time, he has over fifty years of experience, passion and inspiration. One thing for sure, he will not stop until it is as he wants it. Live forever Jimmy, live forever.

  4. Looking above the bridge pickup, this looks like the guitar fitted with the Transperformance programmable tuning tech.

  5. Oh Great Goddess! PLEASE MAKE IT SO!

  6. FRANCO L FILLIPAN | 20th November 2018 at 5:52 pm | Reply

    Nows the time the time is now, see you soon

  7. Super hoping Page is doing something, in the Studio, would love to hear it, since I’m a Zepp,& Page Super Fan ! Can’t wait !!

  8. The master, Jimmy’s life is Zeppelin and Zeppelin is Jimmy. Bring it on home Pagey your fans never left you, we’ve been waiting

  9. Jimmy has and will always be an inspiration and musical role model for me and so many other players. I’m a fan forever!

  10. Stephen Hawkins | 20th November 2018 at 9:12 pm | Reply

    Do it again with just a little extra touch@

  11. God EVERYONE is clamoring for the long overdue Firm reunion!!! (Uh)…actually an expansive solo album would be great….

  12. God EVERYONE is clamoring for the long overdue Firm reunion!!! (Uh)…actually an expansive solo album would be great….


  14. Bring it on home, Jimmy. My entire life has musical Zeppelin weaves and spells of Valhalla throughout my dreams

  15. Hey Jimmy glad to see yourworking

  16. I live so far away yet I hear you playing continuously. As you music is my life. As many we love what you do.

  17. That room has a lot of Mojo.

  18. Lyle Keith Williams | 21st November 2018 at 2:32 am | Reply

    Keep on picking Jimmy Page. You are The GOAT guitarist. I hoped for a Zepp reunion bug the indulged selfishness of one of your bandmates doesn’t want to please us fans. How rude to say “I just wish he would get on with himself.” Glad you are staying busy. A reunion with the firm or David Cloverdale would be great as well. I will come out to see you!

  19. I’ve been a Zep fan since I heard them as a a toddler in the early 70s, and have been such in them ever since. I saw R.Plant in concert in the early 90s and when church took our Youth Group to Britain for a festival- I did everything I could to find eveey connection to Page I could find- tracking anything Zeppelin-related through England, Amsterdam and Scotland!
    Still a Zep follower- I will try to be within everything possibly available regarding all things Zeppelin!
    The Over and Far Away of D’yer Maker will Bring It On Home, through the eternally fun Zep and Zep-related journey through life as it continues to bring me to and through the Houses of The Holy!
    Rock and Roll- Zep!
    Over and Far Away!
    I’ll be check-in Crowley stuff too!

  20. Read the above for my comments. All applies!

  21. Oh Jimmy i smell something cooking,maybe 2019?

  22. Jimmy thanks..ur music has inspired so many of us..we love it. Never stop.

  23. Oh dear God people, calm down! Page hasn’t done anything for 20 years except for the Zep reunion 10 years ago. Every year he teases about “something big in the new year” and then…….crickets. He’s 75 in January. He’s not doing anything of substance. Relax. At least Plant is still relevant! Saw him this Feb at Beacon Theater in NY and in 2013 at Mohegan Sun. Still the master! Jimmy….not so much.

  24. Lawrence Kasprzyk | 21st November 2018 at 6:44 pm | Reply

    About time, I know there are unfinished tracks you have laying around. First seen you in concert in 1969.

  25. Anything with anyone will be great.. can’t wait for its release…. if there is any coming.

  26. He’s laying down back music for a documentary for a friend

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