Shipping of Jimmy Page’s new book has been halted

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Shipping of Jimmy Page’s new book has been halted due to a lockdown in Italy which affects its suppliers.

“Jimmy Page: The Anthology” was originally due to be sent to customers in December but has seen several delays to its release.

An email sent to customers waiting for their editions of the book by publisher Genesis Publications this week said shipping has now been halted.

Read the email below:

Since the Covid-19 update we sent out last Thursday, the situation has changed rapidly. In Italy, our printers and binders, having worked incredibly hard to try and get the books out as quickly as possible, are now facing a total lock down.

Large numbers of you are now working from home. Understandably you require changes to your shipping information. Worldwide, countries are also facing restrictive measures which rightly prioritise essential services and shipments.

It is therefore increasingly difficult to ensure that your books will make it to you safely and in good time without being delayed en route. We have therefore made the decision to halt shipping of The Anthology until until the Covid-19 situation improves worldwide.

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  1. im sure there some interesting tales of the mighty led zeppelin in it
    .and if i ever get back to great Britain i make it a must to go to his book store

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