Jimmy Page attended a Hollywood Vampires show in London


Jimmy Page attended the Hollywood Vampires show in London on June 20 with his girlfriend Scarlett Sabet and was photographed backstage with band members Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry.

Several photos from backstage have been posted to Instagram and Twitter:

The Hollywood Vampires show is the third gig that Page has been seen at this month. On June 15 he watched from the side of the stage at Jeff Beck’s concert in London. And on June 18, he watched Pearl Jam perform in London.

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3 Comments on "Jimmy Page attended a Hollywood Vampires show in London"

  1. Mark Williams | 23rd June 2018 at 11:02 pm | Reply

    Great photo’s but god I’m bored of seeing Jimmy hanging in the wings,backstage at his pal’s gigs.
    Come on Jimmy, get out & play or just admit you’ve retired from live music. Don’t keep peddling this ‘new music’ line or ‘want to be seen playing again’ line…..just get off the pot.
    Respect to Robert,JPJ,Eric & Jeff who are still out there doing it….

  2. Agree with Mark’s comment. As a long long time Zep fan, my feeling is that we are “owed” a level of honesty about whether Page can in fact play anymore or not. The false narrative of denying the rumors is unjust to fans the world over. If he’s lost the ability, so be it. As far as the ways of Plant and Jones, I say it’s just “ok”. Overall, the public image is that of a respect for John Bonham (to not play together in a tour). For fans like myself, it would be more of an honor to reunite with Jason and do it in tribute to Bonzo. But it’s not right to be pandered to.

  3. Jonny Depp,really? What a creepy guy,I guess?

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