Jimmy Page’s ‘Death Wish II’ soundtrack is being re-released in a new box set

Jimmy Page Death Wish box set
(Bespoke Editions)

Jimmy Page’s soundtrack for the 1982 film “Death Wish II” is being re-released in a new limited edition box set that includes a copy of the film.

Page’s soundtrack album, recorded to accompany his friend and neighbour Michael Winner’s film, was originally released as a vinyl LP before being reissued by Page on his website in recent years on vinyl and CD.

Now, that expanded CD version of the soundtrack is part of a new box set being released by Bespoke Editions. The box set is limited to 70 copies, with each box set including a numbered certificate.

You can purchase the box set from Bespoke Editions here.

The box set includes a two-CD copy of Page’s soundtrack for the film, a copy of “Death Wish II” on DVD, and a selection of reproduction memorabilia including an interview with Page for International Musician magazine, promotional photos of Page, stills from the film, posts, the film’s press book and lobby cards for the film.

The box set is due to be released on December 9.

Bespoke Editions previously worked with Pink Floyd, Yes, and also produced the recent Bath Festival box sets released in 2020.

Here’s the full look at the box set’s contents:

Here’s the tracklist for Page’s soundtrack included in the box set:

Death Wish II soundtrack

  1. Who’s To Blame
  2. The Chase
  3. City Sirens
  4. Jam Sandwich
  5. Carole’s Theme
  6. The Release
  7. Hotel Rats and Photostats
  8. A Shadow In The City
  9. Jill’s Theme
  10. Prelude
  11. Hypnotizing Ways
  12. Main Title

Death Wish II: Expansion

  1. Jill’s Orchestral Theme
  2. Alternate Jill’s Theme
  3. City Sirens
  4. Baby I Miss You So
  5. Hey Mama / Swinging Sax
  6. Carole’s Theme – Strings
  7. Prelude
  8. Country Sandwich
  9. Minor Sketch
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4 Comments on "Jimmy Page’s ‘Death Wish II’ soundtrack is being re-released in a new box set"

  1. Whatever happened to Big Band, Sax and Violence? An entire page (sic) was devoted to this one track in the re-master booklet and the track’s not there nor on the 2nd disc. Odd, But the remaster quality just shines…

  2. Roy+JOHN+Watson | 16th November 2022 at 1:10 pm | Reply

    FOR ME THIS IS THE BEST MUSIC PAGE AS PRODUCED SINCE THE END OF ZEPPELIN IS BRILLANCE REALLY SHINES THOUGH ON THIS MUSIC is best work by far unlike the unledded and clarksdale albums which for me a bit of a dissapointment

  3. I love led Zeppelin I don’t like listen to anything else i grew up listen to led Zeppelin on 8 track I hope that someday I can shake the hand of Robert or Jimmy led head

  4. Track listing is the same as Soundtracks, released in 2015.

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