PODCAST: On 10 years of LedZepNews

Zepfan podcast

The latest episode of Mark McFall’s Zepfan podcast interviews me, LedZepNews founder James Cook, about creating and running LedZepNews since December 2012.

In the episode we discuss my passion for Led Zeppelin as well as key LedZepNews stories including Led Zeppelin’s abandoned “Led Zeppelin Experience” exhibition and hologram project, the plans for Led Zeppelin’s fiftieth anniversary and Robert Plant’s seemingly abandoned second Band Of Joy album.

McFall is a well-known name in the Led Zeppelin community, having previously run the No Quarter fanzine and now operating the Zepfan podcast as well as the Zepfan memorabilia website.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts here, via Spotify here, or through the embedded player below:

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  1. Finally got a chance to listen to this… excellent job, James. Thank you for all you do!

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