Led Zeppelin’s record label is planning ‘a series of high-profile events’ for the band’s 50th anniversary


An executive at Warner Music Group has said in a letter sent to Redditch Borough Council that the record label is planning “a series of high-profile events” to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Led Zeppelin.

Tim Fraser-Harding, who lists his title as “President, Global Catalogue, Recorded Music” at Warner Music Group, wrote the letter in support of a proposal to erect a statue of John Bonham in his hometown of Redditch.

Fraser-Harding said in his letter (which can be read in full below) that Warner Music is planning “a series of high-profile events” in 2018. He also said that the label plans to conduct “extensive outreach to media and fans worldwide” in conjunction with the events.

The proposed statue of Bonham in his hometown is planned to be installed for what would have been Bonham’s seventieth birthday on May 31, 2018. Fraser-Harding said that the unveiling of the planned statue could then “be part of the band’s 50th anniversary celebrations.”

It’s currently unclear what Warner Music plans to do in 2018 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Led Zeppelin.

There were rumours earlier this year that Jimmy Page was in “active discussions” on what can be done to celebrate Led Zeppelin’s fiftieth anniversary. Up until now, there had been no evidence that any events were planned.

Here’s the full letter sent to Redditch Borough Council:

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32 Comments on "Led Zeppelin’s record label is planning ‘a series of high-profile events’ for the band’s 50th anniversary"

  1. The original rock band. Great musicional geniuses!!

  2. CONCERT!!!! In Chicago!!!!!! LOVE YOU JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!❤️?❤️???

  3. Saw them several times in concert and fell in love with Robert

  4. Una serie di avvenimenti eccezionali,compresa la statua a John Bonham.Fantastico come lo sono e saranno per sempre i Led Zeppelin

  5. Please include Dallas or Austin. We still keep the music alive.

  6. How about doing a few lower-profile events, and come do some shows on the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

  7. Bring a show to Tulsa, Oklahoma! Robert has played here many times. We have a large arena & great vibe. Right in the middle of the US!

  8. Dovrebbero dedicargli strade in tutto il mondo…insuperabili!!

  9. Little rock was suppose to have a concert but it got cancelled last minute. Maybe Led Zeppelin is what it needs to feel that hole in their hearts

  10. Come and play in Milwaukee wisconsin, I would even buy you guy’s a beer. But you have to get the second round!

  11. Worldtour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. What about a reunion on Egegaad school i Denmark the first concert ever whit LZ in september 2018?

  13. Anywhere in U.K., bring it on. Until then looking forward to seeing Robert in Nov

  14. The ultimate gods of Rock would it be too much to ask for come on guys Led Zeppelin rules and they always will Peace Love

  15. Wow…50 yrs huh. Incredible. .as long as the 3 are still alive that is celebration in itself

  16. The Only Way To Fly !!!!!!!

  17. A 50 minute live set online (global) would be a nice way for them to celebrate 50 years, since Robert wouldn’t do it for the money.

  18. tell me when

  19. Global internet 50mins is an excellent idea. But follow it with a tour.

  20. Please I hope you there is a world tour that you come to Montreal Canada I am 51 and been a fan since 12 you are the best band in the world to me and now my son 18 and has been and been listening to led zeppelin since 7 and is his favorite band ever since I introduced him I remember like yesterday driving in the car and listening to led zeppelin music and one of his and my favourites and he would just keep playing it over and over again I swear sometimes on an hour drive it be played at least 15 to 20 times just that one song ( hey hey what can I do ) and he would no all the words at age 7 I loved it and today he loves you guys always playing zeppelin he has every song and cd down loaded on his phone and the best wish of my life would be to see LED ZEPPELIN LIVE with my son that is and would be really PRICELESS thank you …

  21. It would be a dream come true. I am not going to get my hopes up though. The band performing has been rumor for over 20 years. OK. Now I’m getting pretty excited and probably getting my hopes up.

  22. Sorry but it’s just not going to happen. I don’t think Robert Plant has any interest at all in doing gigs without new material. I don’t blame him

  23. I got to them at the Knebworth festival. I am still in possesion of my tickets for Montreal. They are still my favorite band. I would love to see them live once more before its not possible for them to do it.

  24. Please stop in New Zealand you would make my life!!!

  25. I would love… To singa…about the moona , an the june Ah n the spring ah… N a tea for two….ide like to sing!

  26. Ok call me…i can vocalize… Like…you… I Everything you need…to pull out all the stops….come to my humble studio…in jacksonville florida….just.me and my brother…D we are a two piece…explosive…and
    hauntingly Beautiful…you wont find…this much Heart and Soul…on this Earth … As we Bring…theternal..timeless… Not. EGO minded…just ecentric…. Please email.. . for the.kids! My grandfather, told me…thats why he stay…? for the kid’s

  27. DiVE HOUR….opening for ZEPPELIN’S RETURN … Venue to be anounced?

  28. Sean Andrew Heaney | 21st September 2017 at 8:01 pm | Reply

    I Hope They Will Follow Dylan’s Lead & Do A LIVE BOOTLEG SERIES ON CDs. I Wanted Cds Of The LIVE Boxed Set! Declare Amnesty For Bootleggers If The Vaults Don’t Have Tons, Which I Suspect They Do. The Road Is Too Dangerous, Let’s Hear Back When It Wasn’t & The Band Was Cooking, ALL BURNERS!

  29. My brother had tkts to see them but with the death of John bonham they canceled

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