A new Japanese book features previously unseen photos of Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Live In Japan

A new photography book being released in Japan in September includes previously unseen photographs of Led Zeppelin.

“Led Zeppelin Live Tour In Japan 1971 & 1972” will be released on September 28 and includes photographs from Led Zeppelin’s shows in Japan in 1971 and 1972.

Here’s a Google Translated version of the Japanese description of the book from the website of publisher Shinko Music:

A large number of unused photos are also featured!

“Japan Performance” Summary Mook Series by legendary band The
latest issue is a thorough special feature on two tours of “Red Zeppelin”!

Long unearthed during the first visit to Japan of Led Zeppelin, which had been buried in our basement (September 1971) and the following year of reincarnation date and time black-and-white negatives taken in (10 May 1972) files!
Has been printed in the Unused cuts with no traces can be seen everywhere, and the freshness of the different shots lined up before and after the cuts that have already been circulated and familiar are also exciting.
In addition to these rare black-and-white photos, the ZEP version of the “Live Tour in Japan” series, which was carefully put in and edited out of color photos taken from both years, was fully released!

In particular, the Japanese performance in September 1971 was a great performance in the career of a live band, and it was a tour in which all the members were the most greasy and the strongest Led Zeppelin performed a truly legendary performance. The pattern became known to fans around the world through the bootleg, and the Japanese audience who was able to experience it at that time continues to attract envy from overseas ZEP enthusiasts.
Many of these historical photographs that convey the enthusiasm to the present … This is a must-read book for rock listeners!

Here’s the full cover of the book:

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