Robert Plant will release a vinyl singles box set in December

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Robert Plant has announced a new box set of 7-inch vinyl records of his solo singles.

The new box set, titled “Digging Deep,” will be released on December 13 and will cost £80 through the Rhino Music store or £91.99 through Amazon UK.

The box set will include eight 7-inch records with one track on each side of vinyl:

Vinyl 1:
Side A: Burning Down One Side
Side B: Like I’ve Never Been Gone

Vinyl 2:
Side A: Big Log
Side B: In The Mood

Vinyl 3:
Side A: Too Loud
Side B: Little By Little

Vinyl 4:
Side A: Ship of Fools
Side B: Tall Cool One

Vinyl 5:
Side A: Hurting Kind
Side B: Tie Dye on the Highway

Vinyl 6:
Side A: Calling To You
Side B: 29 Palms

Vinyl 7:
Side A: Song To The Siren
Side B: Morning Dew

Vinyl 8:
Side A: Shine It All Around
Side B: Tin Pan Valley

Every track is listed on Amazon UK as a 2006 remaster, apart from “Morning Dew” and “Tin Pan Alley.”

Here’s the covert art for the new box set:

Robert Plant Digging Deep

The cover art uses a painting that was previously featured in the packaging of the 12-inch vinyl record release of “I Believe.”

Here’s the full description of the new box set:

“Robert Plant is celebrating the second season of his hugely popular podcast, Digging Deep with Robert Plant, with the release of a very special limited edition 7’’ singles box set. Digging Deep includes 16 A-sides and rare B-sides spanning three decades, remastered versions available on vinyl for the first time. The eight-disc collection also features restored artwork from the original 7’’ releases, packaged in a bespoke hardback book.”

The box set was announced in the latest episode of Robert Plant’s “Digging Deep” podcast. You can listen to it below:

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4 Comments on "Robert Plant will release a vinyl singles box set in December"

  1. ….fantastic, will they also be available on dvd ?

  2. Can you say re-hash? Come on Robert, how about you and Sensational Space Shifters going into the studio and playing live versions of the Led Zeppelin tracks your playing on the road. This way we all get quality recordings of those songs we love so much?

  3. Not sure what is going on here? Is it just about 7″ vinyl? because all these songs are previously available on previous releases either via original vinyl or CD. I have all these songs on some format or other. Also which are the “rare” B sides? All of these songs are available on the original lps/cds they came out on? what would be the reason to purchase this?

  4. I clicked on the Amazon link and it didn’t entice me to buy this whatsoever. BUT there was a link on the Amazon site to a new CD coming called Live Principles. Now that is what he should be doing. A completely new release. That I am excited for

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