The greetings cards made to apologise for the delay to Jimmy Page’s book are now also delayed

Jimmy Page The Anthology card

Jimmy Page’s upcoming limited edition book was delayed in November – but some customers still haven’t received the greetings cards they were promised to make up for the delay.

“Jimmy Page: The Anthology” was originally due to be sent to customers in December, but Genesis Publications announced last year that it would ship in February. The release date was then pushed back even further to February and March.

To make up for customers not receiving their signed books before Christmas, Genesis Publications announced that it would send greetings cards featuring a new photograph of one of Page’s guitars and one of his stage outfits to customers.

But LedZepNews has learned that some of those cards are now also delayed.

An email sent to one customer who has yet to receive their card said: “Unfortunately we have had many issues revolving the delivery of the Jimmy Page Greeting cards, and we are currently investigating the reason behind this.”

Meanwhile, it looks like the release date of the book itself may move back even further.

Genesis had listed the shipping date for the coffee table book as “during February and March” in emails to subscribers, but the wording was quietly tweaked in a December 23 email to read “from February and March” instead.

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