Jimmy Page on whether they’ll ever be a Led Zeppelin reunion: ‘No’

(YouTube/CBS This Morning)

Jimmy Page has given a definitive answer on whether Led Zeppelin will ever reunite, telling BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme that “no,” there isn’t going to be a reunion.

Page spoke to the radio show because he has loaned two tapestries to the Tate Britain in London for its exhibition of works by Edward Burne-Jones.

During the interview, Page was asked whether he will ever reunite with Robert Plant and bring back Led Zeppelin. “No,” was Page’s short answer.

Page has often been asked that question in interviews, but has rarely been quite so abrupt in his response.

He told Planet Rock Magazine earlier this year that “I very much doubt it,” when it comes to a Led Zeppelin reunion.

“You’ve just got to face facts,” he said. “We’ve gone past the tenth anniversary of the O2, where we managed to do one serious concert. That’s the only thing that we’ve done for such a long time, so I very much doubt we’ll do anything else. I really think the time has gone.”

Page also appeared in a video about the exhibition and his tapestries.

The Tate Britain’s exhibition opens on October 24 and will close on February 24.

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4 Comments on "Jimmy Page on whether they’ll ever be a Led Zeppelin reunion: ‘No’"

  1. Well they did their time, made their mark and started something special in the music industry. They have been doing their own projects on the side. You can only do so much when you get past a certain age. I think their music will stand the test of time.

  2. Erik Alexander Castillo | 23rd October 2018 at 8:33 am | Reply

    I think Sir Jimmy Page has made the right decision;as it will help preserve “The Mystique” of that sonic Juggernaut that could only be LED ZEPPELIN.There are very few bands that I can think of that can take a listener on a journey to the center of the mind or anywhere else for that matter.

  3. Hi Erik. Actually,it wasn’t Jimmy’s (or JPJ’s) decision not to go on – it was solely Robert’s….much to Jimmy’s disdain.

  4. Bob Plant, dear old Bob with his indulgence in folksy Zep numbers, when all we want to hear is the proper stuff, doesn’t care about the fans and chooses to keep all the money we’ve given him and keep going with his mediocre band.

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