Jimmy Page paid tribute to Chris Cornell

YouTube/BBC News

Jimmy Page paid tribute to Chris Cornell in a video recorded for a tribute concert held in Los Angeles on January 16.

Read our transcript of Page’s remarks below:

Hello, I’m Jimmy Page and I’m actually over here in London sending this video link to Matt, Kim, Ben, I’m sorry I can’t be with you there this evening but, believe me, I’m there in spirit.

I want to congratulate you for having got this event together to celebrate Chris’ music. I also want to say that the input that you put in to Soundgarden, from the records, because I got hooked on your music from the first album, but I also came to hear you play, you guys, and I was always astonished at the way you all glued together, I mean, it was just really what, for me, bands are all about, you know.

Yeah, have a great evening, have a wonderful evening, this celebration of Chris’ music.

You can hear the audio of Page’s tribute at the start of this video:

You can also see a low-resolution version of the video at the four-hour mark in this video:

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  1. I have one comment I just wanna see jimmy.and John payl Jones do something it’s been way to fucking long I miss hearing you guys play

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