Jimmy Page said he has ‘website projects’ planned for 2019


Jimmy Page wrote in a message published on his official website on January 1 that he has “website projects” planned for 2019.

Page first mentioned the upcoming release by Fender of replica models of Page’s “Dragon” Telecaster guitar this year.

“With other website projects planned for this year, be sure to keep an on [sic] JimmyPage.com in 2019 so I can keep you informed as to when they surface,” the end of the message read.

The fact that the message was posted to Page’s personal website, rather than the Led Zeppelin website, means is more likely to be referring to website projects around his solo career rather than the rumoured Led Zeppelin streaming service we reported on last year.

Read the full New Year’s Day message from Jimmy Page below:

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  1. Leanne Hamilton | 1st March 2019 at 2:54 am | Reply

    Love you Jimmy hope to see you play again soon! #1

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