No, Robbie Williams isn’t dressing up as Robert Plant to taunt Jimmy Page


The four-year feud between Jimmy Page and his neighbour Robbie Williams has seen plenty of drama and bizarre incidents, but rumours of Williams dressing up as Robert Plant to taunt Page are untrue, LedZepNews can report.

In December, someone contacted the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and claimed that Williams has been stuffing a pillow under his shirt and wearing a blonde wig to imitate Plant when Page is at home.

They also claimed that Williams had been loudly playing the music of Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple to upset Page.

The claims came as Williams finally managed to gain permission to build his basement extension after years of wrangling with the local council.

The local council has logged the bizarre public comment on its page for documents related to Williams’ planning application, and the Daily Mail even reported on the claim on December 30.

However, a source close to Jimmy Page has told LedZepNews that there is no truth to the claim whatsoever – Page isn’t being taunted by his neighbour at all.

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2 Comments on "No, Robbie Williams isn’t dressing up as Robert Plant to taunt Jimmy Page"

  1. I’ve read numerous reports on this story. Williams reportedly dressed up as Plant, and even stuck a pillow under his shirt to imitate Plant having a ” beer belly “.

  2. Jimmy Page reportedly has reached out to Robbie Williams offering Williams to stop by for coffee, but once again, Williams has refused Page’s attempt to bury the hatchet and has said he will not accept Page’s offer. When a local reporter asked Williams about the claim that he has been taunting Page by playing hard rock music from 70’s rock legend icon groups Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and Deep Purple and about much published reports that Williams has dressed up as Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, Williams only laughed and would not deny the accusations before saying ” well that is funny, isn’t it ?” The reporter commented be would doubt that Robert Plant would think so, which only brought out more laughter from Willians. So, the feud continues. Johnny

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