Jimmy Page will send people greeting cards after his new book was delayed until next year

Jimmy Page The Anthology card

Jimmy Page’s publisher will send greeting cards to customers who pre-ordered his limited edition book, “Jimmy Page: The Anthology,” after its release was delayed until next year.

An email sent this week to customers who had pre-ordered the book, which was originally due to be released in December, said that the publisher would send out blank greetings card with a photograph of Page’s guitar on in December instead.

Genesis Publications now says the book will be released in “February and March” next year, indicating a possible further delay beyond the revised February release date announced earlier this month.

Genesis Publications has also said that the book has been expanded since it was first announced. It was originally described as having 384 pages, but is now listed as having 400 pages.

“Featured on the front of the card is a photograph of Jimmy’s Les Paul No.1 resting on the iconic The Song Remains the Same suit,” Genesis Publications wrote. “The reverse has details about the book and the inside is left blank for your own message (so will work equally well for birthdays, anniversaries etc…). Greetings cards will start shipping from 9th December.”

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  1. sean andrew heaney | 24th November 2019 at 5:19 pm | Reply

    Since The Book Is, Like, NEXT YEAR, JP Should Look Into Doing A Disc w/PJ Harvey!!! **** Sean X.

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