Jimmy Page reportedly refused to appear on ‘That Metal Show’ because ‘he wants nothing to do with the term metal’


Jimmy Page refused to be interviewed on Eddie Trunk’s show “That Metal Show” in 2015, Trunk has claimed, because he said that Page “wants nothing to do with the term ‘metal.'”

Trunk talked about attempting to book Page for his show in his May 4 radio show. “Jimmy Page would not appear on ‘That Metal Show’ because it was called ‘That Metal Show,'” Trunk claimed. “He refuses to do anything with the word ‘metal’ in it. Now, ‘That Metal Show’ was way beyond metal, as anybody who watched it knew. We did all kinds of stuff, but he wouldn’t, he wasn’t having it. It was crazy.”

Read the full quote from Trunk below:

Jimmy Page, in the last season of ‘That Metal Show,’ Jimmy Page, I was this close to getting him as a guest because all those Zeppelin reissues were happening at that time. Jimmy Page would not appear on ‘That Metal Show’ because it was called ‘That Metal Show.’ He refuses to do anything with the word ‘metal’ in it. Now, ‘That Metal Show’ was way beyond metal, as anybody who watched it knew. We did all kinds of stuff, but he wouldn’t, he wasn’t having it. It was crazy.

We even offered to change the name of the episode for the one he was on and like call it ‘That Jimmy Page Show’ or ‘That Led Zeppelin Show.’ He refused to do it. He would not come on the show and it was just so maddening, especially as I never wanted ‘That Metal Show’ to be called that in the first place, but that’s a whole another story. But it was so maddening that … and I was like ‘what’s the problem?!’ ‘Don’t want an associated with metal.’ Which is funny, because most people think of Zeppelin as one of the bands that gave birth to metal. But he wants nothing to do with the term ‘metal.’

Listen to the full video below:


Page’s dislike for the term “metal” has surfaced before. In 2013 he distanced Led Zeppelin from being called “metal” in an interview with Classic Rock Society.

“I’m not really sure where we got that tag,” Page said. “There’s no denying that the elements of what became known as heavy metal is definitely there within Led Zeppelin. But the reality of it is that this is riff music, and riff music goes back to the blues — the electric blues of the ’50s and what was going on down there in Chicago.”

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15 Comments on "Jimmy Page reportedly refused to appear on ‘That Metal Show’ because ‘he wants nothing to do with the term metal’"

  1. Teresa Cooper | 6th May 2018 at 7:02 pm | Reply

    I agree and I do not blame Jimmy for saying that he wants nothing to do with the term Metal because Music essentially started with the Blues first and foremost and then the music changed as time progressed and more and more people started to enjoy music and different types that were being played on the radios all across the world. From Folk music, classical, rythum and Blues, country and western now is called just country. But there is Rap music, reggae, death metal, heavy metal, and many others. You name it and it can be created.

  2. The term “metal” is far too restrictive to ever be applied to Led Zeppelin, whose sound cannot be described by any single phrase. Over the years I have heard them labeled hard rock, melodic rock, electric blues, etc. but every Zep fan knows their sound contains elements of rock and roll, blues, metal, folk, popular, country, middle eastern, etc.

    Now that the flash and smoke of rock’s golden years have dissipated, Jimmy Page’s band stands atop the Mt. Olympus of rock and roll. 50 years after they exploded music as we know it, they remain unmatched for songwriting, live performance and studio production–a testament to just how talented these four were and just how singular was Jimmy’s creative vision.

  3. Led Zeppelin were influenced by Rock, Blues, Folk music. Blues as in Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, J L Hooker etc. Majority of Their 3rd album was acoustic. Im not surprised he wants to isolate himself and the band from the term “Metal”

  4. Jimmy…..with all he has accomplished…..can do whatever he wants.

  5. I agree with those who have commented. Jimmy is
    my hero, I would have been so disappointed had he
    participated in a show about Zeppelin called Metal. They were wayyyyyyyy more than “metal” ugh

    • Not even as a guest guitarist?!..So what? I have heard of a E.C.show bootleg, called “heavy metal kids”…now it has to be changed to “Hard rock kids”????..
      No offense, whatsoever.

  6. T.Hawthorne | 7th May 2018 at 8:40 am | Reply

    Jimmy Page ,has surely earned the right and respect to refuse how and who promotes,his music. Eddie Trunk needs to get over himself, and acting as if J.P. made a mistake by not coming on his show, the fact is, Eddie is the one who is losing,out. Eddie soon to be extinct, is doing Vinnie and Kiss drama Laden b.s. you know your out of relevance.

    • and Jim Florentine was the voice of a mature version of a “Muppet”like puppet named “special ed”..on another cable tv show.

  7. Yes Jimmy don’t get mixed in with that group

  8. Althea Scott | 8th May 2018 at 7:53 pm | Reply

    Eddie Trunk is a whiner! Jimmy is 74 years old and has the right to turn down anything he wishes…simply because he can!

  9. Donna Carlisle | 9th May 2018 at 6:26 am | Reply

    I’m so proud to be born in the same time frame as Led Zeppelin. Jimmy you keep making a stand for the band that you and JPJ put together! If you don’t know what your band is and is not, then even your fans know that it isn’t metal. It is so much more than a metal band. I love the way you draw a line. Actually plant seems to have that same quality. Love you love you love you!

  10. Sonny Garret | 10th May 2018 at 5:26 pm | Reply

    Guys guys guys, wow wow wow. If I may? Jim Florentine, Ed Trunk, Jim Hatfield, Mustane, Hammitt, Dime Bag, Skeoch, Randy, Gillis, and all the other greatest of the greatist metal gods in the world will tell you themselves, that they too are big big big Led Zeppelin Fans. Before we go and start a war of worlds and offend each other, Let’s stop for just a second and remember that the arts are for our enjoyment and a gift of expression of our deepest innerthoughts which makes this canvas we paint on something very intimate and personal and sacred. Lets not take it and start wiping our asses with it. I respect everyone’s opinion, but to alienate Jimmy and his zep from a community that themselves have always been zep fan’s is a real heart breaker to me. Art is the worlds biggest freedom. Please don’t take that away.

  11. I agree Jimmy Page has Reason to Not Fan Fuel to the Fire by Participating in a Program called “That METAL Show”, doing so would’ve Suggested that Led Zeppelin Musical Legacy was Strictly METAL. The Fact that He Still REFUSED to Participate and Appear Grant Them his Time,if They Renamed His Particular Feature That JIMMY PAGE Show/That Led Zeppelin Show” Is Messed Up for Legions of Die Hard Rockers Who STILL Love Listen To and Study Jimmy Page’Guitar Playing and his Led Zeppelin Musical Riffery Gems!

  12. If you were around when “rock” advanced from rock and roll then those that listened to bands like Led Zeppelin,The Who Deep Purple,Grand Funk Rail Road, and musicians would never ever have called them Heavy Metal.Heavy Metal was born from the likes of Black Sabbath with lots of heavy aggressive sounds more towards the grunge type sound.This generation doesn’t know the difference.All music has its roots from previous generations.Is Hip Hop Rap? UB40 Reggae?

  13. In my opinion, I think that Zep is a one of a kind. I think Jimmy is a one of a kind. I think Steve Perry is a one of a kind. I think Robbin ford is a one of a kind. I think Neil Armstrong is a one of a kind and I think Ed Van Halen is a one of a kind. If anyone can see the pattern, you’ll note that there are a lot of one of a kinds in this world and they are all pretty uncomfortable being so which makes them recluse from the public. They’re all very nice on a good day and a little grumpy on other days, oh wait!!!! THEY’RE STILL HUMAN, ALL THE WHILE BEING GREAT. Just because someone is a one of a kind doesn’t mean we shouldn’t show them their right to their own opinion. It’s good to be Jimmy.

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