Jimmy Page wants to meet with his neighbour Robbie Williams to settle their long-running feud

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Jimmy Page’s lawyers have invited his neighbour, singer Robbie Williams, to Page’s London house in order to try to settle a feud between the two neighbours which has been running since January 2015.

Williams purchased the house next door to Page in 2013, and applied to carry out renovations which would include building a basement underneath his home. Page has blocked his attempts over concerns that the building work could damage his house.

The long-running feud has gotten ugly, with Williams mocking Page on stage and accidentally telling an Italian radio station whilst on-air that he believed Page was mentally ill. Williams later retracted that comment and apologised and the two men reached a confidential settlement over Williams’ accusation.

Page has sought to raise awareness of his fight against Williams’ planning applications by inviting television crews and newspapers into his home and even appearing in person at a planning meeting in May.

The letter, sent to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea on November 28, said that Page’s lawyers are keen to hold a meeting with Williams in Page’s home in December.

“Our client has been endeavouring without success to arrange a meeting with the applicant at the Tower House [Page’s London home],” Page’s lawyers wrote.

Page and his lawyers and property consultants are keen to settle the planning dispute by agreeing a plan for Williams’ renovation works which will minimise any disruption to Page’s house.

The new letter from Page’s lawyers claims that Williams has resisted meeting Page. However, Williams’ property consultants wrote in August that it was Page who hadn’t been keen to meet.

“Our client has sought to engage with representatives of [Page’s London house] regarding the basement proposals on multiple occasions,” the letter read, “including as part of earlier proposals historically in 2015, and on the current proposals from October 2017 onwards.”

“This has included several offers to meet and discuss the detail of the proposals in the period since without response from Mr Page and his consultant team.”

Another letter from Page’s lawyers, dated September 28, said that Page “responded personally but has had no reply” to the offer from Williams’ consultants to meet.

You can read our full history of the long-running feud here.

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15 Comments on "Jimmy Page wants to meet with his neighbour Robbie Williams to settle their long-running feud"

  1. Erik Alexander Castillo | 5th December 2018 at 10:58 pm | Reply

    This Robbie Williams guy is a joke. I live in Las Vegas,Nevada and I have seen a few of Mr.Williams billboards and everybody that I know has had the same reaction” is he one of the Jersey Boys gone solo”? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that. Robbie Williams Act is so boring that the casinos have to employ “Shills” in order to make it appear like he’s playing to a packed house.
    What a gold-plated Jerk this guy is with his out of control ego.
    I’m not kidding about this and to anyone who doesn’t believe this,come to Las Vegas and see for yourself. This guy is all HYPE with no substance,I’d rather flush good money down the toilet watching a WANNABE Dj act such as Calvin Harris or The Chainsmokers than waste my time listening to Robbie Williams…

  2. Patrick O Fischer | 6th December 2018 at 3:06 am | Reply

    Robin’s can not hold a candle to Jimmy we all know that;I wish Jimmy all the best in how the too side can resolve this matter once and for all. Good luck ZoSo*

  3. Robbie you fool, you have to respect your neighbors especially when your neighbor is Jimmy …. You’re such a disgrace….

  4. Be nice if Page spent some time writing and releasing some new music, touring ?

  5. The embodiment of music that Jimmy Page puts out, compared to this person I have never heard of? Well, their is just no comparison. I would also like to say that music run through you, and if you look at any dance floor or just singing along to the song, we all make faces. So lighten up Robbie you could only dream to be a highly renowned and the Great Zep!

  6. Mr Page I’m not telling you to do this,but if I played as great as you do I’d plug in the double neck turn it as loud as I can and blow his house down practicing for the fiftieth anniversary concert and by the way,i may be poor but u can bet ur ass ill be there by hook are by crook Jimmy John Jason Robert

  7. I am not sure where you’re are getting your information, but someone who sells out all of their available dates within hours of offering tickets does NOT require “shills” to fill seats. You’re talking like he’s some lounge act who been playing Vegas a while. Well, the man doesn’t even arrive until March 2019. Even then, he’s on a limited engagement. Why? Because he’s an International pop star and will be busy TOURING to sold out venues.?

  8. Mr Jimmy Page I believe is being roped to someone’s quest for press.( another intentional irreverent suicide),and English manor houses are often very old and foundations need consideration.

  9. Maybe this isn’t even about music maybe it’s about a man’s privacy and property

  10. Jimmy MARRY US!! ASAP!!from the 2-crazy lesbians who love U! & will take really Good careof U! We promise! All your problems will end!!-or- I mean begin!;) Wel alphabetize your Crowley books (like our books!) & restring your gutair topless!

  11. this isn’t even about who is the better artist here, it’s about protecting an historic property that should be standing long after Mr. Page and Mr. Williams have left the planet. Arguing about which artist is better is irrelevant.

    • Is there really a question as to whom is the better of the two? Jimmy Page is the best hands down! Jimmy was a household name before Bobby was born!

  12. Good job Mr. Page. Be kind and receive kindness. All the best for a successful negotiation.

  13. I just heard Williams sing…..no wonder he’s trying to attract attention to himself, he sure as hell can’t sing!

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